What are the Different Types of Database Certification?

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Organizations use computer databases for storing and analyzing data. Examples of different types of database software include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and Filemaker. A database specialist is a person who develops and maintains a database system. To prove their database expertise, many people get their database certification to establish credibility.

Most types of database certification are specific to a particular product. Therefore a person desiring to earn a database certification should choose one that pertains to the database software he or she is working with or wants to work with. Here's an overview of the database certifications available from major database providers.

Individuals who work in an organization that uses Microsoft Access have a couple of choices for database certification. Users of Access 2003 or Access XP can get their Microsoft Office Specialist Access Track certification. Candidates take one exam that shows their basic knowledge and proficiency with the database. Individuals who work with Access 2007 should take the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist or MCAS program.

The easiest certification for users of SQL Server database software is the Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist or MCTS. SQL Server professionals can choose from among three different certifications: MCTS SQL Server 2008 Database Development, MCTS SQL Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance, and MCTS SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance. To earn any of the certifications, individuals must pass one exam related to the topic of the certification.


SQL Server administrators wanting a higher-level certification can earn their Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional, MCITP, credential. This certification type is especially useful for individuals who already have their MCTS certification. People who possess a MCTS SQL Server 2008 Database Development credential, can take an additional exam to earn their MCITP: Database Developer certification. Likewise, those who have a SQL Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance certification can go on to get their MCITP: Database Administrator; and those people with a MCTS in Business Intelligence Development can take an exam to get their MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer certification.

For professionals who work with Oracle or want to, the Oracle Certified Professional track is an option. It has three different levels of certification: Oracle Database Administrator certified Associate, the Oracle Administrator Certified Professional, and the Oracle Database Administrator Certified Master. Once a certification product and path are chosen, candidates should enroll in training classes and brush up on their knowledge in preparation for taking the certification exams.


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