What Are the Different Types of Dairy-Free Shakes?

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Even though shakes are commonly made with dairy products such as milk, ice cream, or yogurt, there are a number of different ways to prepare dairy-free shakes. People who are following a vegan diet or a lactose-free diet due to lactose intolerance have many options for milk substitutes. One of the easiest ways to prepare dairy-free shakes is simply to swap out regular milk for a dairy-free alternative such as soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk. Shakes can also be made by blending fresh fruit and ice, or for a sweeter treat, ingredients like cocoa powder and peanut butter.

Many people drink shakes as a snack or a meal replacement during the day. They can be very healthy and nutritious, filling yet low in calories, and are easy to make and then consume on the go. They are also great for adding extra vitamins and nutrients. For example, many people blend protein powder into their dairy-free shakes, especially those who are exercising regularly. Vitamin blends, fiber powder, or basic nutritious ingredients like spinach, seaweed, or flax can all hide in shakes and smoothies for a huge nutrient boost, and many people don't even notice the difference in taste.


Most recipes for shakes and smoothies can be modified to be dairy-free by simply swapping out the milk for a different alternative. Soy milk is often undetectable in shakes; rice milk or almond milk can have a slightly stronger flavor, but all of these typically also have chocolate or vanilla alternatives that can taste great in a shake. Blending chocolate soy milk or almond milk with bananas and peanut butter can be a tasty treat, as well as a great way to get some extra protein. In lieu of this, ice can always be used in a shake without adding any dairy or calories.

Whole grains can also be blended into dairy-free shakes for a great nutrition boost and a thicker texture. Oatmeal and quinoa are two popular inclusions in dairy-free shakes, but these ingredients do require a good blender to be sure they are fully blended, and the shake not unpleasantly dense. Most shakes are made by simply mixing different fresh or frozen fruits together, though it can be fun to experiment with different ingredients to see what tastes good together. There are also dozens of different recipes for dairy-free shakes and smoothies to be found online, and many of these include tips for making the shakes more nutritious and flavorful.


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