What are the Different Types of Custom Fitted Hats?

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Custom fitted hats fit the exact size of a person's head and come in many different styles for both men and women. Some of the types of custom fitted hats are fitted baseball hats, fitted skate hats, and business hats. The most popular type of custom fitted hat is that which has a team logo on it.

What makes the custom fitted hats with a logo so popular is that they do not have the snap back that is so commonly used on mesh baseball hats. These types of hats, while allowing the person wearing it to customize the fit, often break and tend to look immature on an adult and more appropriate for a kid playing a league sport. The custom fitted hat with a team logo is popular because it shows team support. There are so many different styles and colors for each team, whether the team is a pro team or a college team. Even some high school teams supply their players with custom fitted hats.


Often men who dress in business attire will choose to wear a hat. There is possibly nothing worse for a man when attempting to look professional than to have his hat slip down over his eyes or fall back, revealing his brow. A custom fitted business hat is often the best choice for a sharp dress hat. Women's hats are also available in custom fitted sizes. Custom fitted hats for women are not nearly as popular, however, as those hats for men. Women's hats tend to be worn in looser styles, and so the custom fit is not as necessary for a woman as it is for men's styles.

When choosing from the many types of custom fitted hats, ultimately once the style is determined sizing is the most important factor. Taking a measurement of the head is required to find out the specific size of custom fitted hat that will fit best, no matter the type of hat to be purchased. A measurement of about one half inch above the eyebrows, where the hat should comfortably rest, is the correct place to take the measurement. This measurement is best taken with a tape measure, as it completely conforms to the shape of the person's head. If a tape measure is not available, a string can be used to take the measurement and then measured against a ruler or yard stick. For any type of custom fitted hat to fit correctly, a proper measurement is required.


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