What Are the Different Types of Cupcake Gifts?

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Cupcake gifts are a fitting choice for a variety of occasions, and an abundance of homemade and gourmet varieties are available. For a personal touch, gifts can be tailored to suit individual tastes, such as red velvet, Irish cream and Belgian chocolate. Packaging cupcake gifts on fancy cake stands and platters can add an extra touch to the gift.

For cupcake gifts that will please even those with discerning palates, gourmet cupcakes are available. Gourmet flavors include vanilla bean, red velvet and champagne cake. Chocolate lovers on a gift list may appreciate cupcake gifts of Belgian chocolate, German chocolate or chocolate on chocolate, which features a dark chocolate cake surrounding a truffle center and topped with chocolate frosting and a dark chocolate coin.

Christmas gourmet cupcake gifts can feature the flavors of the season, such as gingerbread, eggnog or cranberry cupcakes. Topping choices for the Christmas holiday include peppermint cream cheese, cinnamon whipped cream and toasted coconut cream cheese frosting. For gourmet cupcake gifts with fall flair, pumpkin, zucchini and apple cakes are available. Irish cream cupcakes are appropriate for St. Patrick's Day gifts or adding a personal touch for an Irish friend, and can be topped with coffee cream cheese frosting, Irish cream frosting or mocha sauce.


Easter cupcake gifts can be placed on a platter or in a basket and presented to a hostess at a holiday get-together. Cupcakes can be decorated with toasted coconut and speckled jelly beans to look like miniature bird nests. For a colorful assortment, the cupcakes can be frosted and decorated with squiggles, polka dots and zigzags to resemble decorated Easter eggs. Mini gardens can be made using white frosted, chocolate cupcakes with the tops of fondant "carrots" sticking out of the "soil."

Cupcakes are often a welcome housewarming gift as most folks moving into a new house do not have the luxury of time to make homemade treats. Also, cupcakes can often be enjoyed without plates and utensils. Placing decorated cupcakes on a cake stand, serving tray or fancy platter that the recipient can keep can make the gift even more welcome.

Large, decorated cupcakes can be presented as individual birthday cake gifts, and can be frosted and topped with candles. The over-sized cupcakes are impressive enough to be a mini cake, and are perfectly sized for one or two people. The large cupcakes can be decorated in a variety of themes, from birthdays to retirement. When a cupcake gift needs to serve a large crowd, the cupcakes can be arranged in groupings featuring many cupcakes. The cupcakes can be decorated in the same manner as a traditional cake, using frosting flowers, characters and seasonal motifs.


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