What Are the Different Types of Cultural Anthropologist Jobs?

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Cultural anthropology is a branch of anthropology that deals with the differences and similarities between various cultures, as well as the individual characteristics of those cultures. Cultural anthropologist jobs can be difficult to come by, but with a little bit of creativity and some training, a college graduate with an anthropology degree can successfully enter various fields. One of the most common cultural anthropologist jobs is that of a teacher at the high school or college level. Teaching at the college level generally requires a postgraduate degree such as a master's or a PhD.

If the graduate has a passion for education as well as anthropology, cultural anthropologist jobs in teaching may be the best option. A person interested in teaching at the high school level will need to obtain a teaching credential, which can mean additional schooling and certification procedures. Teaching at the college level generally requires a postgraduate degree, which also usually means additional schooling. Once the candidate is adequately qualified, however, several cultural anthropologist jobs in education may become available; sociology, psychology, history, and even geography positions may be available for the cultural anthropologist.


Outside the world of academics, cultural anthropologist jobs may become available within the private sector or even within the government. International corporations may hire anthropologists to improve that company's image and interaction with local populations around the world. Government organizations may hire anthropologists for much the same reason. International aid organizations may hire anthropologists as liaisons abroad, or to have an active hand in developing programs within such institutions.

Cultural anthropologist jobs even exist in other fields such as medicine; forensic anthropologists may be hired to work with a forensics team that identifies the remains of human bodies. This person will work with law enforcement agencies as well as the scientific community to design and implement techniques used in the forensics field.

Of course, candidates with a background in cultural anthropology may also be eligible for jobs outside the field. Historians, for example, may have anthropology backgrounds, as may lawyers, salespeople, archaeologists, and writers. The job opportunities for a person with a background in cultural anthropology are not limited to the sciences, and such qualifications are often sought by businesses in need of people who can help build a global or international community. It is a versatile degree that has many applications across several different disciplines.


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