What are the Different Types of Crutch Accessories?

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There are several main types of crutch accessories, including crutch tips, covers, grips, arm pads, and stickers. Additionally, there are several carrier accessories, such as crutch totes and bags. Many improve the quality of the crutches and increase comfort, but some crutch accessories are designed for aesthetic appeal as well.

Crutch tips are commonly purchased crutch accessories that are designed to improve traction between the crutches and the ground as well as to cushion the impact of the crutches as they contact the ground. They are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, but they are typically made out of heavy-duty rubber. Depending on the nature of use, crutch tips will often need replacing every so often, as they can wear down with frequent use or use in rough terrain.

Covers, padded covers, and arm pads are also popular crutch accessories for underarm crutches. These generally go over the top parts of the crutches to provide a cushioning for the underarms and ribcage, limiting the instance of sores, pinched nerves, and other complications. Arm pads and covers strike a balance between comfort and function, as they must fit closely to the crutches and provide enough strength so as not to slip or wear down too easily.


Many individuals will use stickers, in addition to arm pads and covers, for decorating a crutch with colorful prints and patterns. These crutch accessories are usually long and thin for easy application to crutches. Many use resilient material for long-term use, so that the stickers won’t begin to peel.

Crutch grips, also known as hand pads, can be attached to the middle section of crutches to provide more comfort for the hands. These are usually available for both underarm and forearm crutches, and they are generally made from some sort of gel, such as glycerin gel. Hand pads can be beneficial for long-term crutch users or individuals with arthritis or other joint pain, as they alleviate some of the pressure and soreness that is associated with crutch use.

There are also a wide range of carriers for crutches, including totes and bags, many of which come in interesting patterns and styles for personal expression and decoration. They generally attach to the upper section of the crutch, near the section where the hands are placed, allowing for convenient transport of personal items. These crutch accessories are often designed to be lightweight and durable, making them optimal for frequent use.


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