What Are the Different Types of Cruise Career Opportunities?

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Cruise ships visit various ports throughout the world to allow guests to see the sights and experience a relaxing and interesting atmosphere. To make this possible, plenty of jobs in the cruise industry are available; cruise career opportunities include ship captains, deck hands, chefs, waitstaff, event and activity organizers, booking agents, tour guides, lifeguards, mechanics, janitorial staff, and many more. A person with just about any background can find cruise career opportunities that will allow him or her to work within the industry and feel fulfilled professionally.

Captains are the pilots of ships. They must undergo a significant amount of training, and they must spend many years piloting ships before they can be considered for cruise career opportunities pertaining to captain's duties. These positions are highly competitive, and many companies hire captains from within the company; a captain is likely to work on deck for many years before he or she is promoted to captain. Navigators and other professionals on deck are often considered for captain's positions if they are qualified; assistant captains, or first mates, are also often considered for a captainship after years of experience and proper qualifications.


Cruise ships are not just boats: they are floating entertainment centers. This means entertainers can find cruise career opportunities as well. Musicians, artists, and various other entertainers can work aboard a cruise ship or on several cruise ships to entertain guests. Events and activities coordinators will ensure plenty of entertainment options exist for passengers, and daily events will be planned and overseen by such coordinators. Senior coordinators will oversee other employees as well, since this position can be a managerial position on many cruise ships.

Of course, many cruise career opportunities do not take place on the boat at all. Advertising and marketing positions are available for cruise ship companies, and an employee will be responsible for developing and implementing effective marketing strategies that appeal to a target audience. Accountants will manage the financial end of the cruise ship business, and lawyers will ensure the company is operating within regional or global laws and regulations. Booking agents will interact directly with potential passengers to create an itinerary and make reservations. These agents will also often deal with customer complaints, special situations, and emergencies. On board the ship, medical professionals are almost always present to address any medical emergencies or first aid situations. Doctors, emergency medical technicians, and nurses are usually present on board.


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