What are the Different Types of Cross Trainer Equipment?

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Cross trainer equipment varies depending on what the user's primary sport is. A runner will have a different variety of cross trainer equipment at his disposal than a cyclist will, since the point of cross training is to do exercises outside the normal routine of the primary sport. A runner, for example, might use an exercise bike as his cross trainer equipment choice to work the leg muscles while using a different, low-impact motion. A cyclist, however, may choose an elliptical machine as his cross trainer equipment choice because it will allow him to get a good cardiovascular workout without throwing a leg over the bike.

The elliptical machine is often called cross trainer equipment, yet it is not the only device to be used for cross training. An elliptical machine is a great piece of machinery to use for cross training purposes for all athletes, though, so the nickname is perhaps rightfully earned. This machine simulates a walking or running motion, but it does so by sending the foot in the path of an oval rather than in a hard, straight up and down motion. This allows the user to work the same muscles as running or cycling, but in a low-impact exercise that does not cause damage to the joints such as the knees and ankle. A runner looking to let his body heal in between races might consider an elliptical to continue his normal workout without stressing his joints.


Some elliptical machines come with movable hand grips that simulate the motion of cross country ski poles. This helps enhance the cardiovascular workout by allowing more of the body to move, burn fat, and raise heart rate. Some users may choose to stand on the elliptical machine without using the hand grips or stability bars at all, which promotes balance and core strength, since the core of the body is now responsible for keeping the user upright.

Rowing machines are another good choice for cross training purposes. This workout will enhance both leg muscles and upper body muscles, and it can be used as a good cardiovascular workout. It is a good choice for athletes participating in team sports who want to develop muscle and maintain good cardiovascular performance. Rowing machines must be used correctly; incorrect posture or movement can cause injury, particularly in the back, neck, or shoulders. One should be sure to consult a trainer if he or she is unfamiliar with any of the equipment mentioned in this article.


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Post 2

@Oasis11 - Wow, that is a lot of money for an elliptical cross trainer! I use a cheap cross trainer at home and I try to add intervals of rope jumping after every five minutes or so. I find that when I do this, I tend to burn more calories because I am constantly challenging myself.

If I were to use the elliptical cross trainer alone, I would not get the same results because I think that after a while your body gets used to the machine and the same workout and it is not as effective.

I think that the cross trainer benefits are good because they give you a decent workout without stressing your joints, but for more conditioned athletes I don’t think that they offer enough benefits as a whole. I think that you should have a variety of fitness equipment around so that you body doesn’t get used to it and you don’t get bored.

Post 1

The other day I went to a gym at my hotel and they had an elliptical cross trainer that was a little different. It was a cross between an elliptical machine and a stair climber. It was amazing. The steps were at an incline the whole time. This was to increase the intensity of the workout. I felt more of a burn on this machine, than I did when I worked out on a traditional elliptical machine.

I also felt sore and according to the display I burned a lot more calories too. I would love to buy a cross trainer like this for my home, but when I looked up the prices online most were well over $1,000.

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