What Are the Different Types of Crock-Pot® Replacement Parts?

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The different types of Crock-Pot® replacement parts may include the internal stoneware, glass lid, and thermostat adjustment dial. Parts which cannot be found in replacement catalogs typically indicate that the entire model must be replaced. These parts may be ordered online or by calling the customer service support line for the manufacturer.

A Crock-Pot® is a counter-top cooking device that slowly simmers food in a wide range of temperatures for an extended period of time. Crock-Pot® is one well-known manufacturer of these cooking devices, though there are many other models and brands available for purchase in home goods stores and through Internet ordering. It is typically best to begin searching for any additional pieces, whether by an alternate manufacturer or specific Crock-Pot® replacement parts, to purchase those pieces that were manufactured by the same makers as the slow cooker in need of repair.


The slow cooker works primarily by conducting electricity through metal coils which are encased in metal housing, designed to protect the handler from excessive heat exposure. This heat is then transferred to an interior bowl made of coated stone that holds these high temperatures and maintains them with minimum electrical current. Most stoneware interior pieces are dishwasher safe, though owners may prefer to wash them by hand so as to avoid scratching the finish in the dishwasher. This interior piece is extremely heavy, and can break if dropped. Stoneware Crock-Pot® replacement parts are designed to fit the exact model number of the original slow cooker, and can be matched using a serial number printed on the bottom of the outside metal cooking assembly.

Heat and moisture are trapped in the slow cooker by means of a tight fitting glass lid. This lid is designed to sit low inside a grooved lid, around the upper edge of the stoneware interior piece. Though the lid is lighter in weight than the interior stoneware, it is similarly capable of shattering if dropped. Glass lid Crock-Pot® replacement parts, and lids for other manufacturers, like the stoneware, can be purchased to match the original piece exactly using the serial number.

Heat selections for the slow cooker may be made by turning a dial located on the front of the outside heating assembly. Dial selections typically include off, low, high, and warm, which provides a low setting that keeps food hot without continuing to cook it. If this dial becomes damaged it can be replaced, for alternative models or specific Crock-Pot® replacement parts. Some models may operate by use of a push button programmable digital readout. If this area becomes damaged on the slow cooker, it usually indicates that the entire unit must be replaced.


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