What Are the Different Types of Crock-Pot® Beans?

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Many recipes for Crock-Pot® beans feature a variety of beans, including pinto beans and navy beans. Different meats also are frequently included with the beans, including ham, bacon and hamburger. Crock-Pot® beans are often flavored with combinations of brown sugar, vinegar and ketchup. The beans typically are cooked for many hours to meld the recipe's flavors.

Some recipes for Crock-Pot® beans use a combination of beans. A four-bean Crock-Pot® dish is made with bacon, hamburger and chopped onion. It also features butter beans, kidney beans and pinto beans. The dish gains its flavor from brown sugar, mustard and vinegar. Kidney beans, pinto beans and pork and beans can be featured in a Crock-Pot® recipe. It is flavored with bacon, brown sugar and ketchup.

Easy Crock-Pot® beans and ham hocks feature pinto beans, smoked ham hocks and bay leaf. Pork and beans can be made in the Crock-Pot® with pinto beans, smoked ham hocks and chili powder. The recipe also includes chili powder, garlic salt and tomato sauce.

Pinto beans are featured in many recipes for Crock-Pot® beans. Crock-Pot® pinto beans are made with pinto beans, onions and green bell peppers. The ingredients are paired with bacon, tomatoes and fresh cilantro. Mexican pinto beans feature onions, chili powder and tomatoes. The dish also features canned tomatoes and salt pork or bacon.


Meat, including hamburger and bacon, are featured in many recipes for Crock-Pot® beans. Calico beans feature hamburger, crumbled bacon and onions. Pork and beans, butter beans and pinto beans are combined with barbecue sauce, ketchup and brown sugar. Barbecued beans feature navy beans, bacon and tomato juice. The recipe also includes brown sugar, soy sauce and ground mustard.

Pork and chicken are used to flavor some recipes for Crock-Pot® beans. Chaludas feature pork roast, kidney beans and garlic. It is flavored with chili powder, oregano and green chilies and can be served over tortilla chips. Baked beans feature pinto beans, chicken bouillon cubes and chopped garlic. The ingredients are combined with bell peppers, ground beef and tomatoes.

One Crock-Pot® dinner features ground beef, onion and pork and beans. It also includes pinto beans, brown sugar and white vinegar. Slow-cooked beans are made with dried beans, chopped onion and garlic. They can be flavored with fresh thyme, bay leaf and salt. Sweet-and-sour beans are made with bacon, onions and brown sugar. The ingredients are combined with baked beans, lima beans and black-eyed peas.


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