What Are the Different Types of Cream Cheese Dessert?

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There are several different types of cream cheese dessert, with many different recipes available. One of the most popular is cheesecake, which can be made in a variety of different ways. Cream cheese can also be used to make a gelatin dessert that can be prepared with a variety of different fruits. Other recipes that include cream cheese include danishes and other pastries, as well as a frozen strawberry treat or frosting.

One of the most common cream cheese desserts is cheesecake, although this sweet treat can also be made from a variety of soft cheeses, such as ricotta or mascarpone. In its simplest form, cheesecake is made with an easy crust of ground graham crackers and butter, and the cheese is mixed with heavy cream, sugar, and other flavorings. The entire cream cheese dessert is then baked and topped with any number of ingredients, with fresh fruit, fruit sauces, and chocolate being popular. Other ingredients may also be added into the cream cheese batter, include pieces of fruit, caramel, or even pumpkin puree for a unique flavor.


Gelatin and cream cheese are a relatively common pairing, especially as a layered, chilled dish. With this type of cream cheese dessert, a variety of gelatin flavors are prepared, and cream cheese is mixed with sugar and corn starch, with the latter acting as a thickening agent. The gelatin and cream cheese mixtures can be layered in a variety of different molds, and fresh fruit can be added in between the layers or on top. The entire dish is then chilled until both the gelatin and cream cheese mixture is firm.

Danishes made with cream cheese are popular all over the world, especially in European pastry shops. In this type of dessert, the cheese is used as a filling for a variety of different danishes and other pastries. It can be used alone, mixed with sugar, or folded into a multitude of nut pastes, with almond paste being a popular option. The cream cheese may also be flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, or other ingredients to enhance the flavor of the dish. This mixture may be used as a filling by itself, or combined with a fruit filling for a cheese and fruit Danish or pastry.

On a hot summer day, a frozen strawberry cream cheese dessert can be an excellent end to a meal. The crust can be made from ground cookies or graham crackers and pressed into the bottom of a baking pan. The cream cheese is mixed with mashed fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and other flavorings, and poured on top of the crust. This cream cheese dessert is then frozen until it is firm and served in slices.

One of the most popular uses for cream cheese is as a flavoring for frosting for a variety of cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. The most popular pairing with this frosting is with red velvet cake, though it is also found in seasonal favorites like pumpkin rolls. Cream cheese frosting must be refrigerated when used, however, which should be taken into consideration when using it for a dessert.


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Post 2

@Scrbblchick -- I've done strawberry pretzel salad before. Best part is, you can do a low sugar version! Add Splenda to the pretzels and use it to mix with the cream cheese, use sugar-free gelatin, and you've cut a bunch of carbs and calories!

In fact, cream cheese really lends itself well to use in low-carb desserts. You get richness, but fewer carbs. Layered and no-bake desserts work well in low-sugar versions, and cream cheese is frequently a big part of why.

Layer sugar-free cookies, whipped cream cheese and sugar free pudding, and you have a dessert that tastes unbelievably decadent, but won't send your blood sugar into the stratosphere. Wonderful stuff, cream cheese.

Post 1

They call it a "salad," but it's really a dessert: strawberry pretzel salad. This has to be one of the best desserts ever. You toast broken pretzels, melted butter and sugar in the bottom of a 13-by-9 inch casserole. Then, you mix cream cheese and powdered sugar and spread that over the pretzels. Then you mix up strawberry gelatin and add sliced strawberries, pour it all over the cream cheese and let it chill. It is absolutely incredible. You get sweet strawberries and gelatin, rich cream cheese, and salty, crunch pretzels. A truly awesome dessert -- and not at all difficult to make.

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