What Are the Different Types of Cottage Bedding?

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There is a variety of cottage bedding typically chosen depending on the environment in which the cottage is located. A paisley print is a good option for almost every type of cottage. Crisp white bedding is ideal for a beach cottage. Floral print brings a bit of the outdoor environment in to the bedroom of a country cottage. Earth tones are the best choice when choosing bedding for a cabin cottage.

A paisley print primarily consists of multiple halves of ying-yangs or of large single teardrops. It also typically includes psychedelic patterns, intertwining lines or small flowers. Considering that there are so many variations of paisley print and it comes in various colors, it's one of the types of cottage bedding that can work with almost any environment. For example, a paisley print in pale blues and tans are best for a beach cottage while a dark brown and red paisley print is ideal for a cabin cottage.

One type of cottage bedding that might seem boring is plain, crisp white bedding. However blasé it may initially seem, it often matches beautifully with the rest of the decor in the room and complements the outdoor environment. With plain white bedding, the fluffier the better, as this tends to look more luxurious. White or cream bedding with a seashell pattern is also appropriate. For a more nautical themed beach cottage, white bedding with vertical thick or thin blue stripes can match nicely.


A way to bring a bit of the natural country beauty into a country cottage bedroom is to use floral bedding. It's another one of the types of cottage bedding that comes in several patterns, styles and colors. Some prints are larger, others smaller, and they exhibit different varieties of flowers including daisies and wildflowers. Pale pink roses on white lace bedding can also add a sweet touch. If possible, match the bedding to the types of flowers that grow around the cottage.

To coincide with the outdoor environment, go for cabin cottage bedding that is comprised of earth tones such as rich chocolate brown, dark green or scarlet red. There are various patterns, prints and designs to choose from, including trees, plaid, leaves, and vertical or horizontal stripes. Considering how animals are a big part of the forest environment around a cabin, another option for bedding is to choose a set that has animals on it, such as moose, bears or birds.


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