What Are the Different Types of Cottage Accessories?

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Cottage accessories come in many different types, though it is possible to accessorize any cottage in a variety of ways. There are, of course, different types of cottages, including beach, southern, and country cottages. Within these types, there are several different rooms that might require accessories. It is a good idea to remember that a cottage, particularly when used for recreation, is a personalized space and may require cottage accessories specifically relevant to a person's interests. Common cottage accessories include special furniture, storage pieces, and decorative items.

Some of the most common cottage accessories are for holding small objects or for decoration. Vases, photo shelves, and mirrors fall into this type. Some decorative tables can also be appropriate in cottages and can be useful as functional furniture as well.

Furniture is sometimes included as a type of cottage accessory, though most furniture serves an important function in a cottage. Items like bars, vanities, and side tables are all commonly used in cottages. Some furniture items are used for purposes other than those they were intended to fill, such as using an antique stove as a table or flowerpot holder. Storage furniture is often highly useful in a small cottage, and there are many decorative storage items that can be included in a dwelling of this type.


Textile accessories are also often required in a cottage, though the types may differ depending on the location and use of the cottage. Towels, blankets, and curtains are found in many cottages. The theme of these items can be quite different between cottage homes, with seaside textiles often bearing beach designs and country textiles frequently being designed in pastel colors.

Lighting fixtures can also be cottage accessories, and many cottages have chandeliers. Candle fixtures and sconces are also popular and can change the overall feel of the room. In some cases, lamps may provide the majority of light in a cottage when there is no overhead fixture. Many different types of lamps can be used in cottages, and there are lampshades designed with country motifs as well.

Purely decorative items, like small figurines or wall decorations, can be fundamental to the overall look of the cottage. Shadowboxes holding family treasures are commonly used as decorations in personal cottages, and more generic decorations may be used in cottages used as rentals. Sometimes, items specific to the area, such as local art or photos of nearby landmarks, can be an attractive addition to a cottage. Decorating a cottage with accessories is essentially personal, but some design features will make a building look more like a cottage than others.


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