What Are the Different Types of Cosmetic Surgery for the Eyes?

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Upper and lower eyelid surgeries are some of the most common types of cosmetic surgery for the eyes. These surgeries are usually undergone when the skin around the eyes begins to sag. Reconstructive lid surgery and permanent makeup also focus on the final appearance of the eyes. Permanent makeup is purely cosmetic and involves tattooing a person to make it appear as if he or she applied makeup. Reconstructive surgery focuses a lot on restoring the functionality of an eyelid, but usually has some cosmetic aspects.

Lower eyelid surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery for the eyes that usually aims to fix sagging skin. The skin under the eyes sags due to genetics or age. This surgical procedure is carried out by removing whatever skin, fat, or muscle is causing the negative appearance. The results of this surgery do not last forever because skin continues to age and may eventually display a droopy appearance once again.

The method of implementing upper eyelid surgery is similar to lower eyelid surgery, wherein skin, fat, or muscle is removed. One key difference between upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery is that, while upper eyelid surgery can be implemented for cosmetic reasons, it can also be implemented for health reasons. People often seek upper eyelid surgery if sagging skin impedes vision, and health insurance as well as government-sponsored health services will often pay for upper eyelid surgery if this is the case.


Reconstructive eyelid surgery is mostly about getting the eyelid back to proper working order. Still, both surgeons and patients often care a lot about the final appearance of the new eyelid. This kind of partially cosmetic surgery for the eyes typically takes place when a person suffers severe trauma to the eyes or a tumor needs to be removed from the area. For example, cancer is a health problem that can lead to having reconstructive eyelid surgery.

Permanent eye makeup is a cosmetic surgery for the eyes that involves tattooing makeup around a person’s eyes. These tattoos are typically designed so they do not look like tattoos, but normal applications of makeup. Some disagreement as to whether permanent eye makeup should be called permanent exists, because the tattoos usually fade and require maintenance after a couple of years. Makeup applications around the eyes, like permanent eyeliner, are in a constant state of change; for example, immediately after application the tattoo makeup might look very noticeable but gradually dissipates over time.


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