What Are the Different Types of Computer Repair Technician Jobs?

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Computer repair technician jobs are available in electronic retail stores, computer repair shops, small and large businesses, as well as for independently employed consultants. Companies hire in-house computer repair technicians when they need to support many different machines as the backbone of their operations. Smaller companies may decide it is in their best interest to contract out with computer repair professionals and individual consultants. The skills used in computer repair technician jobs are universal among the many different places of employment, though there may be some variation in the depth and type of knowledge used depending on the specific position.

Retail stores hire individuals to fill computer repair technician jobs to offer computer repair service to their customers. Repair is completed by the technician at the store when a customer drops off the computer or at home if the customer requests personal service. Computer repair technicians working for electronic retail stores help customers set-up new computers, install software, and build home networks.


Individuals who gain experience working for a computer repair service may decide to branch out on their own and start their own independent computer repair business. In this job, technicians offer the same service as a large retail store or repair service, but they may decide to offer special services for small business consulting. Companies that do not require full time computer repair employees hire repair services to visit their office to work on their computers. Businesses may hire a service to be on-call for them should any issue or problem occur. Computer service consultants charge by the job, hour, or on a fixed term basis.

Large companies who operate many different pieces of information technology hire individuals for computer repair technician jobs. Employment in these positions is typically full-time and probably also includes working in a dual desktop support capacity for software issues. Technicians help fellow employees with computer problems, answer questions, install software, and maintain systems.

There are many varied types of computer repair certifications available, and are obtained from regional professional organizations. Certifications can help individuals land computer repair technician jobs because they attest to the fact the person is qualified for the role. There are usually no regional requirements for certification, and instead the certification process operates more as an accepted industry standard. Professional organizations offer the certifications to individuals who meet certain requirements and follow their certification process, which typically includes taking a test and paying a fee.


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