What Are the Different Types of Computer Network Security Jobs?

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While there are quite a few different types of computer network security jobs, most of them are available either in-house at a company or as a consultant. In-house jobs are those that are available at a company that hires people to oversee the security its computer networks. These jobs are often available at large corporations, government agencies, and other major organizations that have computer systems in need of ongoing management and security. There are also computer network security jobs available as a consultant, in which someone takes on clients to provide service to without directly working for them.

Computer network security jobs are typically those positions in which someone works as a security administrator for a computer network. There are a number of different positions related to this area, though they are typically either individual positions or part of a team. While network administrators may be involved in some aspects of network security, computer network security jobs are usually held by people who specialize in securing networks and testing them against potential attacks. These positions can involve network maintenance, running penetration tests on a network, and determining how to improve network security.


Some computer network security jobs are available “in-house” at a large corporation or other type of organization. These positions are available for people who wish to be employed by a company that maintains large computer networks and needs to ensure security for those networks. Someone in one of these computer network security jobs may be part of or the leader of a team responsible for overseeing security for computer networks at a particular company. This type of position can lead to internal advancement, especially for those people interested in working to become an executive or officer at the company.

There are also computer network security jobs available for people who would rather remain independent while providing network security services to various companies. These jobs are often similar to freelancing positions, and someone working as a network security consultant usually finds a number of different companies and organizations in need of security services. This type of position can be somewhat more difficult to maintain, since a consultant has to build a client base of different companies that he or she works with and such work can be unreliable. The freedom provided by these types of computer network security jobs, however, can make up for these potential drawbacks.


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