What Are the Different Types of Computer Engineering Training?

Kristie Lorette

Computer engineers help companies and organizations structure and manage technology. Some computer engineers create software and hardware, while others help companies plan for and manage existing software and hardware. The majority of companies require computer engineers to have a degree, so there are three primary types of computer engineering training options to choose from, which include an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. Another subcategory for each program is access to the courses, which include online and offline training programs

Computer engineering students must learn how to design functioning computer hardware.
Computer engineering students must learn how to design functioning computer hardware.

The least extensive degree is the associate’s degree. The degree is typically in the general field of technology, information technology or a computer-related field. This computer engineering training program offers a base of knowledge that allows the degree holder to obtain entry level positions in the field of computer engineering. Of the three programs, the associate program tends to take only a few years time, but also earns the degree holder the least amount of money when compared to degree holders in the other two categories.

One type of computer engineering program focuses on server repair.
One type of computer engineering program focuses on server repair.

The bachelor’s degree computer engineering program requires the student to have first earned an associate’s degree. It typically takes another two years on top of earning the associate’s degree to earn a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s computer engineering training program tends to go into more in-depth topics and specifics on computer engineering. In other words, this tends to be a more comprehensive course of study than the associate’s computer engineering training program does.

The master’s degree computer engineering programs tends to run 18 months to two years. It is the most comprehensive of the three training programs. Master’s programs also tend to focus a lot on the hands on work of being a computer engineer. The focus is more on the implementation of the strategies than it is the basic understanding and more in-depth understanding gained with the other two programs.

The master’s degree also tends to land higher level positions with the computer and technology departments of companies. Supervisors, managers, department heads and higher level positions tend to hold a master’s degree and have the experience associated with computer engineering positions. In addition to the computer engineering training for a master’s bringing higher level positions, the degree also helps to bring the degree holder higher salaries. An employee may be promoted into a higher level position after earning a master’s degree. Some employees are hired from outside of the company simply because they hold a master’s degree.

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