What Are the Different Types of Computer Business Ideas?

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There are many different types of computer business ideas, though they typically come down to software and hardware and their manufacturing or development and service. Software and hardware refer to the components used in computers; the software is the programs developed for use by computer hardware, which is the physical devices that make up a computer. Within these two basic categories of computer business ideas there are also manufacturing and development, which is the process of creating new products or software programs, and services that provide repairs or maintenance to those products.

The two major types of computer business ideas are those that deal with hardware and those that deal with software. Hardware refers to physical devices and components that are part of a computer system. Some of the most common businesses in hardware are those in which new devices are designed and manufactured. These businesses often have very high startup costs and may require years of work without incoming profits.

Other ideas dealing with hardware include those based on service or repair of devices and computer components. This can include installation of new hardware for customers, repairs to existing hardware, and maintenance of physical computer systems. Such businesses can target general consumers with minor issues, or provide maintenance and repairs for large businesses and corporations.


Software related business ideas typically involve the development or servicing of software programs for computers and other devices. Developers of software create new programs and applications intended to run on certain devices or to fulfill various computer needs. This type of development can take several years to complete, though smaller companies that develop applications for mobile devices may utilize a much shorter development cycle. These types of computer business ideas may be somewhat unreliable, however, as the lifespan of such developers is still somewhat untested.

Other companies that work with software often provide repairs and similar services to customers in need of computer assistance. New companies often look at these kinds of computer business ideas, as startup costs can be quite low and there is typically a fairly large demand for such services. These companies can work with individual customers, helping with installation and updating of new programs and retrieving seemingly lost data. Large companies and organizations often utilize these types of businesses for installing and performing maintenance on software for large clusters of computers.


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Post 3

@croydon - That would be a bit risky though, unless you were already a part of that kind of group and had contacts.

If I really wanted to get into my own computer business, I would run a troubleshooting operation for geeks. I have quite a few friends who work in IT and they find it extremely frustrating to have a problem with a printer or whatever and be told to turn it off and on again by the person they call to ask for help. They already know that. Give them a better answer and they will be loyal forever.

Post 2

@clintflint - Yeah, I'd argue that a person who knows what they are looking for can probably buy a fairly decent computer off the rack for about the same price as they could build one, at least until you start getting into the very high performance range. And you'd have to be able to put some capital into the business to buy components in enough bulk to make it worth the effort.

But I think you could still make some money with customization if you knew what you were doing. There are definitely a certain kind of gamer in particular who like their rig to look and perform a certain way but might not know or want to know how to make it themselves.

Post 1

My father often said he'd easily be able to make a living buying bulk computer parts and then assembling them and selling off the computers to individual customers. He used to buy them in bulk to assemble for his school, where he was the head of technology and it was his opinion that most people paid way too much for computers from a store.

It was actually pretty cool for me to grow up helping him out with that kind of thing, because I know how to assemble a computer from scratch if I need to, but I actually don't know if it would still be cost effective these days to try and sell assembled computers. The price of them has become far more competitive as consumers became more savvy about their options.

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