What Are the Different Types of Complete Bedroom Sets?

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Complete bedroom sets may include as little as a bed and one other piece or may have six or more furniture pieces. In between these extremes are more typical groupings such as a bed with two nightstands and a dresser. Some complete bedroom sets include accessories such as a full-length mirror with a wood frame and stand, while others are more basic. There are complete sets in both adult's and children's bedroom furniture choices and, of course, the prices vary not only according to size, but also quality and materials.

More expensive wooden bedroom furniture sets are made from fine solid hardwoods such as oak or cherry. Good quality hardwood complete bedroom sets often have a large number of pieces that may include both high and low dressers, or chests of drawers. Sometimes, an armoire type of tall storage piece is included in a hardwood furniture set. Less expensive complete wooden bedroom sets have a veneer or coating of hardwood and are not solid wood.

One of the most versatile kinds of complete bedroom sets is the unfinished pine type. Since the pieces in this set will have no stain, paint or even oil, buyers are able to finish the bedroom furniture as they choose. Of course, this will take extra materials and more work than simply putting together a bed frame in many other types of complete bedroom furniture sets, but the end result of a custom look can be worth it.


Rather than wood, other bedroom sets are made from laminated materials that have faux grain patterns and aren't actually wooden pieces. Alternatively, they may be black or white. These types of complete bedroom sets are typically much less expensive than wooden versions.

Some bedroom furniture sets are made of metal. The headboards may be made of slatted metal, while the dressers in these complete sets may be of other materials, yet be designed to coordinate with the bed. For instance, laminate or wood dressers that are part of a complete bedroom set with an iron bed frame may have handles in the same metal.

Nursery sets may be sold complete with a crib, armoire, dresser and changing table. Some even have a coordinating rocking chair. Complete bedroom sets for toddlers may include side rails for the bed that can be removed when children are older and not in danger of falling out of bed. Some bedroom furniture sets for toddlers and older children may include under-bed toy storage boxes and/or a bookshelf unit.


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