What Are the Different Types of Communications Internships?

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Mass communication majors have a number of different options to consider when thinking about career opportunities. Preparation on the road to that first job for these students includes communications internships that should be performed prior to college graduation. Opportunities could arise in corporate communications within for-profit companies in any industry ranging from accounting to health care in addition to broadcast and print assignments. Non-profit internships may be offered with a focus on social media.

Upon accepting internships in the corporate communications division of a for-profit company, students can expect to make contributions immediately. These communications internships may involve writing and distributing internal reports and updates to staff and potentially senior members of the organization. Responsibilities might extend to designing, updating, or maintaining an intranet website where company updates are posted relating to business milestones and social events.

Students might also consider communications internships at nonprofit organizations, including religious establishments and foundations. Many of these institutions evolve with changes in the technology industry and rely on platforms such as social media to support their messages. Positions devoted strictly to social media might allow an intern to shape the communication of an organization and blaze a trail for potential employment at the end of an assignment. Also, interns are used for public relations and marketing. Students might uncover international opportunities at nonprofit organizations that need support spreading awareness about some cause.


Broadcast majors would likely have interest in pursuing communications internships at media outlets, including radio and television stations. Summer programs might extend these opportunities to a number of students at one location, which increases the chances for receiving an opportunity. Interns at a radio station may participate in gathering news, traffic, and weather updates for on-air personalities. Local stations including college radio stations might have programs in which student interns could provide on-air updates for news, sports, or weather, and this would be a useful way to develop a demo tape.

Politicians often have communications teams to manage campaign efforts, streamline the message of the campaign to the public, and for serving as coordinators with the media. Communications internships in political circles can be uncovered with any political party, and the assignments may be local or national. The opportunities in political circles are likely to be unpaid, but students may gain valuable campaign experience by networking with policy makers, writing press releases and Internet blogs, or coordinating interviews with the media.


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Post 2

Can anyone give me some advice about how to get access to communications internships in NYC or Chicago?

My daughter is just finishing up her degree in communications and is looking to either move to The Big Apple, or near more of our family in Chicago. Basically it all comes down to where she can get the best experience.

I have done some looking online and she has been talking with her teachers, but they seem to be more focused on getting her into a local internship, and she really doesn't want to stay in our state. I certainly can understand her sentiment.

Post 1

A good place to find internships in communications is through a college program. My professor did an amazing job of setting me up with one of the few paid communications internships when I was in my final year of school. The whole experience was great, and I got a lot of insight into how things work in the business of communications.

I think if you want something like one of the corporate communication internships you really need to know someone to give you an edge. It isn't fair, but a lot of the internships I heard about weren't published anywhere, our professor just had really good contacts. I think you really need someone to vouch for you to break into communications.

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