What are the Different Types of Colonic Equipment?

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Colonic equipment is used in an alternative setting to cleanse the lower intestine, bowel, and colon. There are two forms of colonic hydrotherapy, open system and closed system. Some colonic equipment is used in one or both of these methods, while other pieces are used for at-home colonics. Medical colon cleansing is often prescribed before surgery or diagnostic testing of the intestine or stomach. This may include the use of an enema to clean out intestinal waste.

An open system colonic may be self-guided or observed by an alternative therapist. The colonic equipment used during an open system cleanse includes a hard plastic speculum, water tubing, and a catch basin for waste. The system is referred to as open because waste is allowed to flow naturally into the catch basin, where it is washed down a drain or left until flush completion.

The equipment used in a closed system hydrotherapy session is much the same, but with a closed extraction system in place. The speculum has two ports. One port allows water to flow in, while a second carries water and waste away from the body. Extraction tubing may be lit with LED lighting so that the therapist can examine waste characteristics. Closed system hydrotherapy is a monitored session with a trained therapist controlling water flow.


Spas may include an ozonator machine as part of the colonic process. An ozonator creates ozone and pushes the gas into water. Ozone can be used as an effective antibacterial and cleanser for water. Often used in home spas and hot tubs, ozonators may reduce chemical sanitation costs by 35% or more. Ozonators work in conjunction with sanitation chemicals.

Chemicals commonly used to sanitize reusable colonic equipment include antibacterial soap and bleach. Industrial sanitizers may also be used to cleanse large amounts of colonic equipment at one time. Stainless steel colonic equipment can be placed in an autoclave for sterilization.

At-home colonic equipment is also available. Colon cleansing kits may include reusable enema bags, enema cleansing boards, and tubing. Home enema equipment may be used with a toilet or an enema bucket to catch flushed waste. Castile soap may also be included as part of the at-home colonic equipment.

Castile soap can be mixed with water before being pushed into the rectum. The soap acts as a stimulant to aid in the emptying of bowel waste from the body. Herbs, such as peppermint or lavender, or other natural substances, such as coffee, may also be used in colon cleansing.


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Post 2

@KaBoom - I personally don't think people should be doing colonics on themselves at home either. But I actually don't think colonics in general are a great idea anyway.

I've seen a lot of pseudo-scientific articles claiming that colonics are cleansing and everyone should get them. You can clean out the waste that's been left in your intestines for years! (That's a myth, by the way.)

In reality, most people do not need a colonic. It makes sense if you're having serious problems with constipation. But if your bowels are working normally, there's no need to mess with them.

Post 1

When I was younger, I had colonic therapy. I was having a ton of stomach problems and I was really, really backed up. The colonics really helped me get regular again. From what I remember, the person I went to used closed system equipment.

I personally think closed system hydrotherapy is the best idea if you need a colonic. I would rather have something like this done by a professional than try to do it myself at home. I feel like it would be easy to mess something up. Plus, there's always the possibility of making an unfortunate mess.

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