What are the Different Types of Cleanser Products?

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The different types of skin cleanser products are medicated facial cleansers, anti-bacterial face cleanser, oily skin cleanser, dry skin cleanser and sensitive skin cleanser. Depending upon the type of skin being cleaned, certain cleanser products work better. Regardless of the cleanser formula used, the face should be washed with water first to remove any surface dirt.

Medicated facial cleanser products contain chemicals that treat skin conditions such as acne or rosacea. One of the most common acne cleansers is Proactiv. It is a cleanser that involves a three-step regimen. The first is a liquid facial cleanser that is followed by a non-alcohol cleanser toner and finally a creme cleanser that contains a medication to prevent acne from recurring.

Another type of cleanser product is anti-bacterial cleansers. These are used to prevent the spread of infections from bacteria and can be used on the face or more commonly the hands. Anti-bacterial cleansers come in the form of gel, bar soaps or foaming facial wash. The gel is lightly rubbed into the skin and evaporates within a minute. The bar soap and foam wash must be lathered on and rinsed off.


Cleanser products for specific skin types are also available. Products to treat oily skin are readily available at most drug or grocery stores. The most popular brands help clean your pores without drying your skin. These cleansers come in soap and gel form and are typically used twice per day by rubbing in the palm to form a lather then rubbing on the face. After rinsing, the result is a face clear of dirt and oil.

Dry skin cleanser products can also be found at most drug or grocery stores. Creme cleansers that contain a moisturizer are the most common type of cleanser product used to treat dry skin. Alcohol-based cleansers should be avoided because alcohol tends to make the skin even more dry. Instead lotions or cremes are used along with cool water to keep the skin healthy.

Sensitive skin requires a cleanser product that is gentle and does not contain harsh chemicals. Cleansers specifically designed for sensitive skin are commonly used to prevent breakouts and dryness. They are usually available in soap or gel form and should also be followed up with a sensitive skin moisturizer.


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