What Are the Different Types of Cleaning Supervisor Jobs?

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Cleaning supervisor jobs typically have several duties. A cleaning supervisor must manage employees, schedule them for work shifts, and handle shifts that are not covered. In addition, the supervisor is often charged with supply inventory, equipment maintenance, and employee training. The duties of a cleaning supervisor transcend the majority of fields the supervisor may work in. Some companies require cleaning supervisors to have a college degree, while others are more concerned with work experience.

A cleaning supervisor for a building maintenance company generally supervises employees who clean commercial buildings. Most commercial and office cleaning work is done in the evenings and on weekends, so cleaning supervisor jobs in this field require night and weekend availability. Cleaning crews often work alone in offices and commercial buildings, so many cleaning supervisor jobs in these locations require the applicant to pass a criminal background check, in regions where such checks are legally allowed.

The supervisor may work on one of the crews or travel from site to site inspecting and checking on the jobs. In addition, if a client has a complaint, the cleaning supervisor generally mediates and offers a solution. Knowledge in using and maintaining commercial cleaning equipment is important.


Car washes often provide cleaning supervisor jobs. Unlike building maintenance jobs that require traveling to client sites, a car wash cleaning supervisor typically stays in one place. Supervision of auto cleaning crews as well as ordering cleaning supplies are among the supervisor's duties. In the case of automated car washes, the cleaning supervisor is responsible for repairing equipment when it fails.

Hotel and motel cleaning supervisor jobs require excellent customer service skills. In many cases, the housecleaning crews work during business hours, placing them and their supervisor in direct contact with hotel guests and employees. Scheduling skills are important in this field, as extra crews are typically needed during peak holiday seasons, while slow seasons require crews to be scaled back. The cleaning supervisor is also responsible to act as liaison between cleaning employees and hotel guests.

All cleaning supervisor jobs require the supervisor to perform inspections of work. In addition, cleaning supervisors may be responsible for hiring, terminations, and training of employees. In many cases, the cleaning supervisor is chosen from a current employee pool, so a desire to become a supervisor should prompt an effort to take on additional responsibilities while still a cleaning crew member.


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