What are the Different Types of Class a Misdemeanors?

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There are numerous types of crimes that can qualify as class A misdemeanors. These include crimes involving legal procedures such as resisting arrest and perjury. Dishonest acts such as writing bad checks and fraud are often included, as are vehicular infractions, such as reckless driving. These crimes normally have maximum penalties that are outlined by the law. It is important to note, however, that class A misdemeanors in one jurisdiction may be classified as a more or less severe offense in another jurisdiction. For the exact classification of any crime, it is necessary to review local codes.

There are several crimes involving legal procedures that can be class A misdemeanors. One example is escaping from custody when a person is detained for a misdemeanor offense. Another example is jumping bail when a person is in the midst of misdemeanor proceedings. Resisting arrest, whether for a felony or misdemeanor, may also be classified among this group of offenses.


Several acts of dishonesty are classified in this way in some places. These include the fraudulent use of a credit card or credit card device. Other crimes commonly found on this list include fraud and writing bad checks. These crimes may, however, be classified more severely if the monetary harm caused exceeds an amount outlined by the law. This means if one person writes a bad check for $100 US Dollars (USD), it may be a class A misdemeanor, but another person who wrote a bad check for $10,000 USD may be charged with a felony.

Driving offenses may fall into this category. In some places, for example, a single reckless driving charge may be a class A misdemeanor. In other places, a person is not charged this way until multiple offenses occur, such as a second driving under the influence (DUI) conviction.

If a person violates a protective order and causes harm to the protected individual, it may be a felony. When a person simply violates an order but does not cause harm, the offense is often a class A misdemeanor. An example of a non-harmful violation is a person who is ordered not to contact an individual but who attempts calling her anyway.

Possession of marijuana is another crime that's commonly categorized in this way. This is another crime that is generally subject to specified limits. Individuals who are charged with possession of large amounts of this drug tend to be charged with more severely classified crimes.

Usually when crimes are committed, law enforcement and judicial officials are not present to witness them. Perjury, however, is one of the class A misdemeanors that is often committed in the presence of an audience. This crime, which involves lying under oath, can be committed when a person is testifying in a courtroom and when giving depositions.


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Post 2

Icecream17-A class A misdemeanor in Illinois can be domestic battery. Usually when it is a first time offense, the person charged with this crime will have to seek a form of counseling and a probationary period of over one year with no other assault charges.

There is usually no jail time, but it is really the judges’ discretion because the maximum sentence does involve up to one year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Post 1

A class A misdemeanor in Texas can result in a one year prison term and fines up to $4,000.

You may also serve a two year probation period instead of the incarceration, while a class A misdemeanor in New York can result in a one year prison term and up to a $1,000 fine.

Some examples of class 1 misdemeanors in New York are harassment involving a physical assault, also loitering with the idea of engaging in prostitution, as well as reporting false information regarding sex offender registries and filing a false police report.

These are just some of the more less common class A misdemeanor offenses.

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