What are the Different Types of Christmas Ornaments?

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There are so many different types of Christmas ornaments, you may not know where to begin. From delicate hand-blown glass figures and gorgeous vintage ornaments to Styrofoam forms that you can decorate yourself, you may have trouble making a selection. The good news is that most are fairly affordable, so even if you can't make up your mind, you can choose as many as you like.

If you don't have space on the Christmas tree for all of your favorite Christmas ornaments, you can use different types of ornaments to make other decorations. To make a great centerpiece for the coffee table or the dining table, fill a basket with brightly colored, shiny glass orbs in all different sizes and colors. On the other hand, you could choose certain colors or all one color, or fill a pretty glass bowl with gold, silver, or both.

Christmas ornaments also make great gifts. No Grandma can resist a picture frame ornament that contains a photo of her darling grandchild. There are also great silver or gold-plated brass ornaments that you can have personalized for those special people in your life. Engraving is usually free with purchase, and you can add your loved one's name as well as the date or the year. Giving a different one each Christmas creates a nice tradition.


Another great choice is handmade Christmas ornaments. Whether you make them yourself from available kits or craft items, or purchase handmade or hand-carved ornaments from a specialty shop, they are sure to be a hit. Handmade ornaments add a special touch to the holiday season, and many can be personalized. Choosing one special ornament each year as a family, and adding it to the Christmas tree last, is another nice tradition.

There are plenty of other styles to choose from, including fabric Christmas ornaments, wood, plastic, and even stained glass. From bright velvet bows and wooden toy soldiers to plastic candied apples and stained glass angels, each brings its own unique charm to holiday decorating. Place them around the home, on a pine garland across a doorway, or on the Christmas tree.


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Post 4

Bhutan-That sounds like a good idea. My favorite ornaments are the wooden Christmas ornaments.

They remind me of my childhood and I love the old fashion look of them.

Post 3

SauteePan- What a great idea. I would love to have a professional looking ornament like that that represents my children’s artwork.

I love glass Christmas ornaments but I every year some get broken because the kids start playing with them and damage them.

One year I would like to make Christmas ornaments for my tree. I was thinking of buying a lot of candy canes and placing them throughout the tree and then on Christmas Day the kids can enjoy it.

It is a cheap way to decorate the tree and you don’t have to worry about the ornaments breaking.

Post 2

Cafe41- Wow. I love to get deals like that. What I like to do is order my kids Christmas ornaments that they make every year.

A company called Square One Art offers fundraisers for the school every year with ceramic ornaments of our kids art work. It really is so amazing that I sometimes give them out as gifts to the grandparents.

The way it works is that the child creates an image on paper and it has to be boldly colored so that the image could take. Then it is sent to the company and they apply the image to the ceramic ornament. They can also transfer the image to a matte print, or a piece of

canvas, or some other type of material.

I also enjoy the homemade Christmas ornaments that the kids make every year at school and place them on my Christmas tree.

Sometimes they will do Christmas tree ornaments made of craft sticks. Other times they will create Christmas ornaments crafts with a decorative picture frame that contains a picture that was taken at school.

These are especially cute if they are dated because you can always look back and reminisce.

Post 1

I love collectible Christmas ornaments. I collect the Christopher Radko ornaments and have actually gotten some as Christmas presents.

They are beautiful yet delicate heirloom quality ornaments that really make a home sparkle.

These Christmas ornaments are mouth blown hand painted ornaments made in Poland that range in price from $25 to over $100.

Sometimes you can find them on QVC, but most department stores sell them. I have a really cute snowman Christmas ornament that I bought in clearance because the store that I bought it from was closing. Although these ornaments are expensive, they are worth it.

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