What Are the Different Types of Chicken Baby Food?

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Infants are generally introduced to solid foods between the ages of four and six months. The first foods are typically fruits or vegetables, but after an infant becomes accustomed to consuming solid foods it is recommended that meat be added to his diet. Chicken is usually the first meat introduced because it has a mild taste and many beneficial nutrients. As an infant grows, he will generally eat many different types of chicken baby food, such as plain chicken puree, chicken and fruit, chicken and vegetables, and chicken and rice. Additional types of chicken baby food can include chicken stews as well as chicken and pasta.

An infant's first experience with chicken is generally a plain chicken puree. This is made by boiling a chicken breast and then using a food processor to break down the chicken. Water or chicken broth is usually added to the chicken mixture and everything is blended until a smooth consistency is achieved. This kind of chicken baby food is mild and bland in order to give the infant the chance to get used to the new taste and texture of chicken. Store-bought plain chicken puree is also widely available in supermarkets.


A variety of fruits and vegetables can be mixed with chicken puree to make baby food. Popular combinations include chicken and apples, or chicken and peaches. Vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, and peas may also be blended with chicken to prepare a meal for an infant. If there is not time to make this food at home, jars of the different types of chicken with fruits or vegetables can be bought at a grocery store. This early stage type of baby food is generally a very smooth puree, so that it is easy for an infant to swallow.

After an infant becomes comfortable eating purees, chicken baby food with more texture can be added. This type of baby food usually consists of chicken and rice or chicken stews made with a variety of vegetables. This kind of baby food is gently blended to leave soft chunks of food in the mixture. An older infant is usually fed this type of food with a spoon, but some parents may decide to let their infant attempt to feed himself the chunks of food with his fingers.

Chicken and pasta is a type of chicken baby food that is served when an infant has mastered the skills required for eating solid food. This kind of baby food requires that a child knows how to chew his food before swallowing. Chicken and pasta typically consists of small pieces of pasta, chunks of chicken, and vegetables that are cooked until very soft.


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