What Are the Different Types of Chicken Appetizer?

G. Wiesen

While there are many different types of chicken appetizer that can be prepared, most of them fall into two basic categories: those appetizers in which chicken is the primary item in the recipe, and those in which the chicken is just one of many ingredients. Recipes in which chicken is the primary ingredient include dishes like Buffalo wings, chicken skewers or kabobs, and chicken strips. Chicken appetizers in which the chicken is merely one of many ingredients can include dishes such as chicken finger sandwiches, egg rolls and similar wrapped dishes, and nachos or quesadillas.

Chicken strips are popular appetizers.
Chicken strips are popular appetizers.

A chicken appetizer typically refers to cooked dishes that include or prominently feature chicken as one of the main ingredients. These dishes are often meant to be eaten with fingers, which make them easier to eat while standing or prior to a formal dinner service. More elaborate chicken appetizers can also be prepared in some settings, though this typically depends on the type of meal being served. Most of these types of dishes are served hot, though chilled chicken that has been cooked and refrigerated may be appropriate for some types of sandwiches.

Chicken wings are a popular appetizer.
Chicken wings are a popular appetizer.

Many types of chicken appetizer can be categorized as dishes in which the chicken acts as the primary ingredient and is merely flavored or cooked in different ways. Chicken wings, also called Buffalo wings, are often made using the drumsticks and wings of a chicken, which are coated in a flavored sauce and deep fried until cooked through. Different types of sauces can be used for this type of chicken, including hot sauce, barbecue sauce, and honey mustard.

There are also other types of chicken appetizer in which the chicken is the main ingredient. Chicken skewers or kabobs can refer to a wide range of dishes in which pieces of chicken are cooked on a skewer, often over a grill or open flame. These can be flavored in various ways, including anything from American barbecue or hot sauce to teriyaki sauce or Mediterranean flavors and spices. Chicken strips are often prepared by using small pieces of chicken, which are battered and then deep fried, typically served with different types of dipping sauces.

A chicken appetizer can also be prepared in which chicken is only one of many ingredients and not necessarily the main focus of the dish. Small chicken sandwiches, often called finger sandwiches, can be made and served as appetizers. These can be hot chicken sandwiches or cold sandwiches commonly made using chicken salad.

There are also a number of recipes for egg rolls or similar “wrapped” dishes in which chicken is the primary ingredient. These kinds of dishes are often prepared using cooked chicken in the filling, which is placed into a wrapper, closed up, and then lightly fried. Other popular types of chicken appetizer include nachos and quesadillas, which can both be prepared using various ingredients.

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