What Are the Different Types of Cheerleading Fundraiser Ideas?

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There are many possible cheerleading fundraiser ideas, from selling merchandise to hosting special events. By picking the right products, location, and time, a cheer team can optimize its sales. In many cases, a team can best maximize its earnings by offering multiple products or services in order to appeal to a wide array of tastes and budgets. It can also be beneficial to sell multiple things at once, for example, charging admission for a fundraising event and then selling additional products at the location.

Some of the most effective cheerleading fundraiser ideas involve the sale of items that are closely related to sports or cheer. Items that are personalized with a team name, such as cups, rubber bracelets, and pins, often sell well. Pom poms, foam novelties, and other similar cheer gear can also sell well at sporting events. There are even cheer novelty products such as small tubes of candy with pom poms affixed to the top.

Selling food is one of the most popular cheerleading fundraiser ideas. This kind of product can move particularly fast if the team is able to sell at a sporting event. Some options include doughnuts, popcorn, and candy. Other kinds of food can be sold pre-order, such as pre-made cookie dough.


Gift cards can be an easy fundraising idea, especially if the team is able to sell in front of a store on a busy day. This kind of sale tends to be most successful when the cards are for stores that people tend to go to for their daily needs, such as grocery, drug, and general purpose businesses. Then the team is likely to get customers who will purchase the cards for others and for themselves with the purpose of benefiting the team with their regular shopping expenses.

Another one of the most effective cheerleading fundraiser ideas is to put on an event. There are several kinds of gatherings that can attract a large crowd, from offering services such as car washing, to sports-related events such as a bowling or mini golf tournament. Other potentially popular events include bingo, casino, or dance nights.

In order to maximize earnings for cheerleading fundraisers, it is often helpful to combine different sales. For example, at an event such as a karaoke night, the team could also have a silent auction, sell food, or offer products such as the gift cards. A team can also publicize a gathering by selling raffle tickets, for which the winner would be announced the night of the event.


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Post 3

A great way to raise money for cheerleading teams is to reach out to local stores and shops. Some chain stores, supermarkets and local shops help out local community groups fund-raise by providing discounted food and goods for them to sell.

For example, we got a doughnut shop to sell us discounted doughnuts which we sold at the regular price at an event. Many supermarkets also allow cheerleaders and sports teams to bag groceries for people and raise money that way.

Post 2

@SteamLouis-- That's a good idea. I think people would pay to see the routines, and if you also have games and food at the event, that would be even better.

I think most people sell food and candy to raise funds. I'm okay with events and games too, but the events need to be appropriate and decent. I know a cheerleading team that raises money by hanging around by pubs on the weekend and asking for donations. The girls are beautiful and make small talk with drunk guys and get them to donate. I don't think this is right. It's not a suitable way to raise funds for cheerleading. Cheerleading fundraiser events should be well organized and family friendly.

Post 1

My cheerleading team needs to raise funds and we are trying to think of ideas. We could definitely sell food, but I'm wondering if we could invite people and charge a fee to show the routines? Would people actually pay to see the team perform? Has anyone done something like this before?

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