What Are the Different Types of Chartered Accountant Jobs?

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A chartered accountant is a designation that is attached to accounting professionals who practice in countries other than the U.S. The title qualifies an accounting professional to provide auditing and tax services and offer consulting on financial transactions, including investments. Accounting industry trade groups throughout Europe and Australia as well as parts of Asia and North America, including Canada, support chartered financial accountants and may help students and others obtain chartered accountant jobs.

The reality is that there is no limit to the types of industries where chartered accountant jobs can be found. These professionals are needed in most all organizations to provide financial services and support throughout internal capacities and to remain in compliance with financial reporting standards. A top executive, such as a chief financial officer, who is responsible for establishing the financial direction at a firm, is likely to have a chartered financial analyst designation, for instance.

Recent graduates who are interested in obtaining jobs in accounting should seriously consider joining a professional organization for chartered accountants in participating countries. Industry groups expose members to training and seminars where trends and regulations are discussed and influenced. These groups also provide networking opportunities for industry professionals, and these relationships can lead to career opportunities.


Professionals seeking these accountant jobs could fulfill business analyst positions at financial services firms. A chartered accountant designation could increase the earning potential for an individual in this role. This position might include taking on different projects within a firm, communicating with other departments and shareholders, and keeping any endeavors in line with budgeting requirements.

Chartered accountant jobs can turn up in the most unlikely of industries, including forensics. In this fast-paced environment, where facing crime scenes is common, financial professionals can contribute to auditing teams in back offices or serve as hands-on forensics accountants who are called upon for various tasks. Forensics and law enforcement chartered accountant jobs may require at times that finance professionals testify in courts of law or in arbitration situations.

It is also possible to locate chartered accountant jobs in other facets of financial services. For instance, an individual with a chartered accountant designation could pursue career opportunities in money management. It is possible to obtain a chartered financial title without earning a college education. Professionals may transfer the skills learned in accounting preparation to oversee investment portfolios on behalf of clients and even pursue career opportunities in management.


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