What Are the Different Types of Channel Marketing Management?

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Marketing a business requires the marketing manager and various marketing professionals to communicate with and get in front of customers in various ways. According to numerous marketing surveys, it takes close to seven times to get in front of prospects, in seven different ways, and convert them into customers. Fortunately, there are various channel marketing management options to help businesses accomplish this, including email marketing, RSS feeds, SMS and print.

Email marketing can be one of the fastest and most cost effective forms of channel marketing management. Businesses can segment their email lists so that they can create and send email messages that speak directly to the members of any particular segment. For example, a business that caters to a consumer market and also has a business market would separate these two lists for effective communication.

Software programs allow marketing professionals to handle email channel marketing management. Software programs allow marketing professionals to collect and manage contact information, create and distribute email marketing messages and track response rates and run reports.


Another distribution channel to reach audiences is with an RSS feed. An RSS feed allows subscribers to receive an alert when new content is posted to a blog or site for the business. In essence, using an RSS feed allows businesses to put alerts on autopilot because as soon as fresh content is added, the subscriber is made aware of the change so they can visit the company’s website, blog or Internet page that offers the new content.

As more consumers turn to using smartphones and cell phones, SMS, or text messaging is another option for channel marketing management. SMS allows businesses to send text messages to cell phones. With geo-targeting capabilities, where SMS services can locate where the cell phone is located, some businesses can even send special discounts or announcements to cell phones that are near one of their locations. This is an effective form of channel marketing management for retail stores, restaurants or location-based businesses.

Print marketing is an old, tried and true form of marketing that is still effective in reaching customers. Print channel marketing management may include brochures, postcards, letters and other items that are mailed directly to the home or office of the customer or prospect. Especially in a world where email, the Internet and technology play a major role in the way consumers access media, print pieces may be even more effective in standing apart from the rest of the clutter.


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