What Are the Different Types of Cereal Dispensers?

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Cereal dispensers are available in very simple designs as well as some that are more complex. These containers are designed to make both storing and serving cereal more convenient. The food stays fresher longer as well. Some dispensers can be used for other dry foods too, and many offer portion control features. Both commercial dispensers and those designed for use in the home are available.

Some cereal dispensers are designed like a simple plastic canister with an airtight lid. They are easy to pour from and they are generally inexpensive. Some dispensers come in sets. There may be different sizes or shapes, including some that stack or fit each other in order to save space when more than one dispenser is used.

Some designs of cereal dispensers look and work much like a gumball machine or candy vending machine: turn the handle on the front and cereal comes out. The portion can be controlled. Some of these containers actually do require a coin to be deposited before cereal is dispensed. The vending type may be used for grain or cereal in a petting zoo or other area where one can feed animals, such as a state park where there are lots of ducks or geese.


Gravity feed containers are great for portion control. Portion control cereal dispensers can be excellent options for commercial and residential use alike. Portion control helps cut costs in commercial settings and it is helpful for weight loss or weight maintenance at home. It is quite easy to pour a big bowl of cereal, far more than the recommended portion, without even realizing it. Cereal dispensers can help keep portion size appropriate.

There are also some very stylish options in cereal dispensers that look great in the home or business. Some also have space-saving features or made in particular sizes or shapes to help them better fit into the locations where they are needed. Cereal dispensers also offer different mounting options.

There is only so much space between a countertop and the cabinet above it, so some dispensers are made to fit this area precisely. A standalone option may work for some while others may prefer mounted cereal dispensers. Mounting a unit so it will stay firmly in place during use is a good idea. This is especially if children will be using the dispenser. Children will love serving up their own cereal with a great dispenser.


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