What are the Different Types of Ceramic Sinks?

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There are several types of ceramic sinks that are appropriate for use in the kitchen or bathroom of both homes and commercial buildings. Some of the most popular options include pedestal sinks, under mount sinks, and Belfast style sinks. Most people choose ceramic sinks for their durability, diverse design and color, and overall attractive appearance. Sinks made from ceramic materials are very common, and have been a popular choice for new buildings as well as remodeling projects for many years. Consumers can view the available styles, sizes, and colors of these sinks in local home improvement stores, online, and in store catalogs and promotional pamphlets.

Pedestal style ceramic sinks are usually manufactured in one piece, including the sink vessel and supporting structure. These sink units can be very simply designed for use in a casually decorated bath or powder room, or may be ornately designed with a multitude of unique decorations. Pedestal sinks do not have any built-in storage, unlike with traditional sink and vanity units, and are most often used in half bathrooms. In most cases, pedestal sinks are cast in molds and carefully cleaned of excess material before being finished with paint and sealant to ensure durability.


Under mount sinks are the most commonly used type of ceramic sinks, and are designed to fit into the counter top surface of a bathroom or kitchen vanity or cabinet. These sinks are designed to fit level with the top of the vanity, and are available in a variety of colors and designs to match the vanity material. Some homeowners choose a contrasting color for the sink to add visual interest. It is not unusual for consumers to choose black or off-white ceramic sinks instead of white to avoid the possibility of unsightly staining marring the appearance of the sink unit.

Ceramic sinks are also made in the traditional Belfast style. These sinks are most commonly used in the kitchen, especially those with a conventional, farmhouse style decor, and in commercial settings such as restaurants and other food service kitchens. They usually feature deep, rectangular shaped bowls and are able to accommodate many items at one time, such as a large number of dishes, or vegetables for washing. Some Belfast sinks are made into two compartments to allow for dual purpose use. This type of ceramic sink requires very little maintenance, and is ideal for constant use in personal and industrial kitchens.


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