What are the Different Types of Cellphone Covers?

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Cellphone covers have different purposes: to make the phone durable, to make it fashionable, or, simply, to protect the phone from scratches. Finding the perfect one is a matter of assessing your own needs.

Body Gloves

Many cellphone covers are fashionable, but not all increase durability. A Body Glove is a cover that is designed to do two things: minimize the shock caused by dropping the phone, and prevent the phone's casing from being scratched. Body Gloves are generally made of neoprene that fits tightly around the casing of the phone. They often include an attachment used for clipping the phone to a belt or purse strap. This type of cover is not necessarily meant to be fashionable, but it is very practical for someone who needs to protect and add durability to their mobile phone.

Face Plates

Face plate cellphone covers allow you to personalize the look of your phone. They come in many different colors and designs and snap over the casing of your mobile phone. Clear face plates come with factory inserts, but they also come with a stencil that allows you to create a personal design. Additionally, these types covers protect the casing of your phone from scratches.



Pouches are cellphone covers that your mobile phone slides into for safe carrying. Similar to a pouch you might use for your eyeglasses, cellphone pouches are both fashionable and functional and come in many different shapes, colors, and designs. For example, they can be disguised as a small purse, a lipstick holder, a change pouch, a briefcase, or even a stuffed animal. The main function of pouch covers is to protect the phone from scratches, but they can also be used to improve accessibility as they can be attached to a belt.


Skins are cellphone covers that are made of a thin plastic that affixes to the casing of a mobile phone. Similar to a face plate, skins allow you to personalize your mobile phone and keep its casing safe from scratches. Skins are easily removed without damaging the casing of the cellphone.


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Post 2

Thanks. This was helpful. I don't know the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of cover so this was a good start! -L

Post 1

I just thought I would add to the discussion that sometimes a combination works well. I have a Blackberry Curve that is a hand-me-down and I am taking no chances at a shortened life span. The guy who gave it to me also gave me a leather pouch-esque case (I love it) which is nice to carry it in, but my experience is that I usually drop it when using it. So another friend got me a clear phone skin that works perfectly when I forget to put it in its case. I may seem paranoid but doubling up feels safe to me.

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