What Are the Different Types of Celebrity Advertising?

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Celebrity advertising comes in the forms of endorsements as spokespersons, advertising, branding, product design and placement. A common form is the use of celebrities in print advertisements and commercials or as a spokesperson for a cause. Another kind of celebrity advertising is the use of the celebrity's name on a product line, such as clothing, perfume, cosmetics and exercise equipment. Products can also be used within media, such as album covers, music videos and dramatic productions.

A prevalent form of celebrity advertising is using stars in product and service commercials. These commercials usually involve a script that communicates the celebrity's rationale for using the product. For example, instead of just showing the celebrity using the product, the celebrity will state why he uses it. In some cases, a celebrity may even share a personal account of how this product helped to remedy a particular problem.

Infomercials sometimes use celebrities to endorse products, services or causes. The celebrity is the prominent spokesperson in the infomercial and may interview other unknown users of the product. Cause or social marketing pitches could involve the use of the celebrity's image on all promotional materials and his participation in some of the cause's events. For example, the spokesperson for a breast cancer organization might participate in some of the charity's walks to raise money and awareness for the disease.


Those who have achieved notoriety and fame may also choose to partner with companies to market products. This form of celebrity advertising often uses the star's name as the product's brand. His name may become the brand itself or be used as part of it. For example, a clothing line may indicate that it is designed by the celebrity while a perfume may simply be branded with the celebrity's nickname.

Another more subtle form of celebrity advertising is the use of product placement. Musicians may feature certain brands and types of products in the media they produce. Celebrities may wear the clothing of a designer to high-profile events and mention the designer's name to journalists. Companies may partner with celebrities to agree to integrate each other's products into their media.

Similar to co-branding, the company may produce a commercial that uses images of the star's latest project and shows him or her using the company's product. A promotional campaign that includes the use of point of sale displays may feature the celebrity's image and artistic work. With this type of collaboration, the consumer gets exposed to both products simultaneously, with the hopes of stimulating sales for both the celebrity's work and the company's product.


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Post 4

@cloudel – I think that the awareness celebrities have the power to raise for such causes is worth whatever they get paid to do the advertisements. Think how many homeless animals might have been saved just because a certain celebrity decided to tell the public about the efforts of the organization.

I think it is great when celebrities state their beliefs in ads. What is not so great is when they endorse products that they have never actually used and lead the public to believe that they worked for them.

One example is acne treatment ads. I don't believe that most of the celebrities in the ads ever had acne. I think the photos have been altered to show the stars with bumps on their faces, just so that they could promote a product that they don't actually know about.

Post 3

I will admit that when a celebrity gets a perfume named after her, I become curious to see how it smells. The celebrities with perfumes are often gorgeous and talented, so you would assume that the fragrances must smell just as glamorous and wonderful.

Sometimes, they do. Other times, they smell like cheap dollar store cologne, which is more akin to cleaning products than to fragrances you would want to wear.

It is always best to use the tester on your wrist before buying a celebrity perfume. Just because the person it is named after has class, the scent isn't guaranteed to live up to your expectations.

Post 2

I've heard singers use product brand names in their songs before, but I never thought it was product placement. I always thought they must have had to get permission to include the brand in their lyrics on their album, but now, I think they might have even been asked to do this.

It probably wouldn't be hard for a famous musician to get permission to sing about a product, unless he or she were singing about it in a negative light or using profane language. In fact, I'm sure both could strike a deal that would be mutually beneficial.

I wonder how much artists get paid to mention product names in their songs. I wonder if they also have to pay the company whose name they use or if the publicity they receive is payment enough.

Post 1

I have seen many celebrities endorsing agencies that help out homeless or abused animals. They come on TV, holding an animal in their arms, and they make a plea to the public to support the organization that helps these animals.

There is usually a sad song playing in the background as photos of neglected animals are shown. It is really convenient when the celebrity endorsing the agency is also a musician, because she can promote her song and the cause at once.

I think that this type of celebrity advertising can be very helpful. Many people who would change the channel if an ad like this came on will stick around if they are fans of the celebrity or are just curious to see what he or she is endorsing.

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