What are the Different Types of Cedar Fence Panels?

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Cedar fence panels are a popular choice for fence builders because cedar is naturally resistant to water damage such as mold, mildew, and warping, and it is also resistant to bug infestations. The attractiveness of the cedar fence panels are also a selling point, and while the cost of such panels may be higher than other types of woods, the long term maintenance costs will be lower. Pre-built cedar fence panels come in a variety of styles, such as privacy fencing, picket fencing, lattice top fencing, and trellis fencing, and they are generally fairly easy to install with a bit of carpentry knowledge.

Picket fences are one of the most common types of decorative fences, and cedar fence panels are ideal for such an application. The upright slats of the picket fence can be spaced tightly together for a closed-off look, or they may be spaced for a more open-air look. While cedar is naturally resistant to water damage, it may fade in the sun, so most builders choose to pain the cedar fence panels with a waterproof paint. This paint will probably need to be reapplied yearly or every other year to maintain the clean look, but since cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, maintaining the waterproof paint is not as vital on cedar as it is on other wood choices.


Taller structures such as privacy fencing can also be built with cedar fence panels. These fences require the slats to be fixed tightly together so no gaps exist between them. This prevents intruders from looking in, and it also provides shade beneath the fence. The tops of the slats can be pointed like a picket fence, they can be flat across, or they can be dog-eared at the edges to provide a subtle and pleasing aesthetic. Some privacy fence panels even include lattice work or trellises at the top of the fence for added visual appeal.

Post and beam fences can also be constructed from cedar, though the posts and beams are generally not considered panels. The cedar posts are sunk into concrete footings and feature slots in which the beams can be secured. The beams are also made of cedar, and both ends of each beam will be fashioned to fit in the slots provided in the posts. Posts and beams may be square, or for a sleeker look, they can be cut round and sanded smooth.


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