What Are the Different Types of Camping Gadgets?

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Camping gadgets range from the very useful to the extraneous, but ultimately the usefulness of any tool or gadget on the market will depend on how it is used. Multi-tools are very common camping gadgets that can be especially useful for several camping applications; these tools often feature pliers, knives of various lengths, screwdrivers, awls, and other important tools. Other useful gadgets for camping include headlamps, tent footprints, collapsible bowls and cups, waterproof cases, candle lanterns, GPS units, flint and steel kits, and so on. The type of camping being done will dictate which gadgets should be packed for the trip.

Various types of stoves are exceptionally useful camping gadgets, and the different designs can suit a wide variety of camping situations. Lightweight backpacking stoves can be stowed in small pockets in a backpack. Such a stove usually folds up quite small, and it may mount on top of a fuel canister for stability. Usually only one pot or pan can be placed on the stove at one time. If the camper needs more than one burner to accommodate larger groups, he or she can buy a two-burner propane stove that is small enough to be stowed in a car but not small or lightweight enough to be taken on long hikes or backpacking trips. Other kitchen camping gadgets include collapsible, lightweight tables on which a stove can be placed, or collapsible picnic tables for eating meals.


For those long camping trips in one place, a collapsible shower stall can be one of the most convenient camping gadgets. A solar shower can be hung in the stall — this type of shower is essentially a clear, heavy-duty plastic bag that can be lain in the sun for a few hours to heat the water. It can then be hung in the shower stall, and the hose that extends from the bag can be used for convenient bathing. The solar shower is not one of the more expensive camping gadgets, though the shower stall can be pricey in some cases.

Candle lanterns are small camping gadgets used to throw light over a picnic table or around the cooking area at night. A small candle is placed inside a frame; mirrors inside the frame can magnify the light, and hours of light can be had from this compact and lightweight gadget. The camper should be careful not to touch the lantern during use, however, as it can get quite hot.


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Post 3

One thing that a lot of people forget to bring is a camping chair, or at least a camping stool. Sure you can sit on a log or maybe a picnic able if it is provided at the camp. But after a long day of hiking or canoeing or whatever you may have been doing it is nice to sit in a comfortable chair.

Post 2

How do people feel about camping stoves? I have very mixed feelings. I know that at certain times and places they are absolutely necessary. But I also feel like at other times people use them when they don't really need to and miss out on all the joys of cooking over an open fire.

I love cooking over fires because it gives an amazing flavor to your cooking and it forces you to cook a certain way that is often out of your comfort zone. It is easier to make a suckling pig than to make macaroni and cheese. So if I don't have to I never use a cooking stove. Your stove is already out there in nature.

Post 1

I think the most clever and the most useful camping gadget is a good multi tool. There are a couple of different companies that make good ones and you will want to make sure that you get one with the features you want and need.

But having a knife and some basic tools on hand in your pocket in such a simple package is invaluable. I have been able to get out of so many jams because I always carry a multi tool with me. In the outdoors it could even save your life.

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