What Are the Different Types of Business Opportunities for Women?

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The types of business opportunities for women are the same as the types of business opportunities for men, but sometimes women may have an advantage in a certain industry due to perceived appropriateness of gender. For example, women are often seen as appropriate owners of fitness studios that cater specifically to women. On the other hand, there is no reason that business opportunities for women cannot encompass the breadth of the business world, and additional female business owners and professionals can only strengthen the diversity of any industry.

When people think of the different types of business opportunities for women, they often consider entrepreneurial ventures deemed particularly appropriate for women in a social sense. For women, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as being seen as authentic and appropriate can lead to increased business. Businesses of this type might include craft stores, certain restaurants, and businesses that cater primarily to women. Which opportunities for women fall into this category depends on the culture in question, but monetizing traditionally female arts is usually a strong business strategy.

Sometimes, business opportunities for women come in the form of meeting a specific market niche. Many professional situations seek out high-earning employees who have experience with a female customer base. Having an understanding of the purchasing habits of a person's own gender can turn into an excellent type of business opportunity. For example, being stylish as a woman can sometimes turn into a job in the fashion industry.


Occasionally gender is problematic for some women entrepreneurs. In traditionally male-oriented industries, like the auto maintenance industry, breaking in as a new business can be difficult. One way businesswomen overcome this difficulty is by refusing to draw attention to gender when advertising the business. This is usually effective because there is typically no difference in service or products. The other effective strategy is to use gender to differentiate a person's business from all the others.

Not all types of business opportunities are set apart in terms of gender, but it is always possible to create a gendered business. For example, taking a product and attaching advertising labels that imply that the product was designed by a mother can increase sales of the product. Many businesses that are no different than standard businesses that could be run by a man make themselves unique by branding their business with gender. This is often a very successful strategy, although it may deter male customers.

As noted, women in many areas can seize any business opportunities, although there are some parts of the world where women cannot work in certain industries. Where there is gender equality, business opportunities for women encompass the entire business world. If a woman encounters difficulty entering into a certain job market or industry on the basis of her gender in these areas, there are often serious legal repercussions for the interfering party. As such, this type of problem happens with increasing rarity.


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