What are the Different Types of Business Continuity Courses?

Jessica F. Black

There are numerous business continuity courses to assist people with implementing daily business activities. Courses may include strengthening cooperative efforts, advanced business continuity planning and management, public emergency management, and incident response and disaster recovery. Business continuity courses are offered in various formats including work shops, seminars, or college classes. There are bachelor's and master's degrees offered in business continuity, security, and risk management, and courses can be taken in addition to other degrees to improve business techniques.

Some business continuity courses focus on prevention.
Some business continuity courses focus on prevention.

Strengthening cooperative efforts is a type of business continuity courses that focuses on public and private sector entities. The course teaches students how to respond, prepare, and recover from various emergency situations. Financial emergencies occur often due to the rise and fall of the economy. These courses provide various benefits for students, including learning how to strengthen abilities to handle emergencies, improve a corporate image, and future emergency prevention. Students should be able to effectively identify high probability and high impact emergencies, discuss business continuity processes, and test the effectiveness of his or her continuity plan upon completion of these courses.

Taking disaster recovery courses can help with business continuity.
Taking disaster recovery courses can help with business continuity.

Public emergency management business continuity courses focus on state and federal level responsibility, reviewing procedures for compliance with national plans, partnership development, and effective emergency management. This courses is offered on the Internet as well as at most colleges, and is often one of the required courses for a bachelor's of science (B.S.) degree in business continuity. Most business management programs offer theses courses or similar classes.

Incident response and disaster recovery is a course that teaches the prevention and organization of incident response. A primary focus is the loss of financial systems and intrusions on system networks. In addition, the course will review procedures for minimizing extended system failure that can result in financial loss.

Advanced business continuity planning and management is a course that is sometimes offered in a three day training seminar that is designed to teach strategies that test and maintain business continuity plans. This seminar is organized to cover six major topics, including strategy development, plan testing, impact analysis, risk management, plan maintenance, and continuity plan development. Business continuity courses are offered to people who are seeking a degree, want to improve his or her risk management prevention and interaction, and want to polish everyday business skills. Seminars and workshops are usually used to raise awareness of the responsibilities associated with financial emergencies, whereas college courses are a part of a long-term plan to obtain a degree.

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