What Are the Different Types of Business Communication Courses?

Kenneth W. Michael Wills

Business communication courses cover a wide range of curriculum that focuses on learning how to effectively utilize and improve communication in various types of business environments. Some courses covered include general business communication that applies to all business situations, while other courses are specialized or tailored to a specific type of business environment. Foundational courses in business communications are usually required for students to take advanced or specialized courses in order to gain a solid grasp of typical business communication principles. Thereafter, students take advanced or specialized courses to further refine those skills, adapt to different environments, or learn additional skills applicable to a specific business environment.

The topic of goup communication is typically covered in advanced business communication courses.
The topic of goup communication is typically covered in advanced business communication courses.

Curriculum for business communication courses can vary considerably among colleges and even among business related degree programs. Despite such variance, however, a typical foundational course in business communication will mirror the same topics to hone required skills. Focus in a foundational course is on basic business communication principles, communication theory, group communication skills and writing skills as applied to email, letter and report writing. Covering the essentials of business communications, the foundational course will usually function as a prerequisite to advanced courses where students will learn to further refine business writing, oral communication, group communication and interpersonal communication. Such refinement is usually a requirement for both business and communication majors.

Advanced business communication courses often fall under a wide-range of titles, depending on the university and its curriculum. Courses offered may include business writing, advanced business communication, advanced business writing, intercultural business communication, organizational communication or media communication to include presentation skills. These types of courses go into further detail regarding the use of business communications in a diverse range of business settings and situations. Taking advanced business communications courses, students can expect to learn how to apply such skills with effectiveness, rather than simply competence. Completion of advanced courses usually enables students to enroll in specialized courses, some of which are usually found at the graduate level of study.

Specialized business communication courses will often cover topics that are specific to a particular business environment or a particular industry. For example, grant writing is usually a course taken by business or social science majors who intend on working in or managing non-governmental organizations or non-profits. Sports management communication is another example of a course where advanced business communication is integrated into the syllabus with sports communication. A diverse range of specialized courses are available for all types of business- and communication-related majors, and most universities encourage students to investigate the applicability of those courses to their intended career objectives.

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