What are the Different Types of Bridal Gloves?

Margo Upson
Margo Upson

A woman’s wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of her life. The cake, flowers, and decorations are all just right. Her hair has been styled, makeup done, and the dress fits perfectly. The only thing she needs to complete the look is a pair of bridal gloves.

Bridal gloves may be made out of organza.
Bridal gloves may be made out of organza.

There are many types of bridal gloves available, with some especially designed to match with a specific line of dresses. They come in long and short lengths, and in a variety of fabrics. Finding the gloves to match a wedding dress is easy when you know what options there are for gloves.

The bridal gloves should complement the wedding dress.
The bridal gloves should complement the wedding dress.

Some ridal gloves may only go as far as the wrist, while other bridal gloves may reach half way between the elbow and shoulder. There are four bridal glove lengths. Opera gloves extend up to the shoulder, and look best with sleeveless dresses. Elbow gloves end at, or just above, the elbow. Gauntlet gloves are a little looser than traditional gloves, resembling a sleeve, and extend to the elbow, or a few inches below. Wrist gloves go an inch or two past the wrist.

Most bridal gloves have fingers, but not all. Fingerless gloves are a modern twist on a traditional look. The glove extends over the back of the wrist like an upside down V, secured with a strip of fabric that slips over the middle finger. Fingerless gloves are convenient because they do not need to be removed before putting on the wedding ring or for eating during the reception.

Bridal gloves are normally made out of lace, satin, crushed velvet, or sheer organza. Many gloves combine fabrics. Lace is the most traditional of these fabrics. Cotton and spandex blends are also popular as a glove fabric.

Wedding gloves are traditionally white, but most gloves are also available in multiple colors. Some can even be dyed to match the colors of the wedding. Many gloves have beads or other types of decorations sewn on. Gloves should match both the dress and the personal style of the bride. They should be comfortable to wear, and easy to remove. They provide the finishing touch to a perfect look. Bridal gloves are the ultimate accessory for wedding style.

Margo Upson
Margo Upson

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@Mykol - I agree with your sentiment! Your wedding day is such a special day, and I think it is nice to wear something that really makes it unique and wearing gloves is one way to do that. I think that a pair of long bridal gloves with a simple, classy dress makes a beautiful statement!

You know that you won't have them on for very long, but will love how you feel with them on and they also look great in the pictures.


I just love the look of bridal gloves! Although I did not wear them when I got married, I think they look so classy and elegant. I have seen some women wear bridal fingerless gloves and I can understand the reason for this with putting on your ring and they make it a little easier to move your fingers around.

But the fingerless gloves just don't have the same look as traditional bridal gloves.

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