What Are the Different Types of Bread Maker Mixes?

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Bread maker mixes range from simple sourdough, whole-wheat and white bread to more exotic versions, such as Swedish vanilla almond gourmet bread and Swiss cottage sourdough rye bread. Fruits and nuts are used to flavor many bread maker mixes, such as pumpkin walnut bread, cranberry nut bread and butter pecan English muffin bread. Sourdough, pumpernickel and potato bread are some of the other varieties of bread maker mixes.

A variety of bread maker mixes featuring single or multiple types of cheese are available. Flavors include Italian cheese and herb gourmet bread, as well as Asiago cheese gourmet bread. Zesty Italian cheese bread pairs white cheddar and Romano cheese flavors and is further flavored with basil and oregano. Some breads feature the hot and spicy flavors of salsa and chipotle. Mild Marita chipotle cheese bread, smoking hot chipotle cheese bread and cheesy salsa bread maker mixes all have some heat to them.

Sourdough bread mixes come in many variations, including San Francisco sourdough gourmet bread, sourdough English muffin bread and Saint Croix sourdough French bread. Old World sourdough whole grain bread features wheat, barley and rye. Swiss cottage sourdough rye bread has a malted barley flavor that is somewhat sweet, and it has a chewy crust.


Medium and darker breads, such as rye and pumpernickel, are also available in bread maker mixes. These include black Russian gourmet bread, which is a pumpernickel; deli-style rye bread, which gains its flavor from buttermilk and molasses; and Heidelberg German rye bread, which is hearty and moist. American white rye is made with white rye flower and has a mellower flavor.

Wheat-bread maker mixes abound, ranging from honey butter wheat and cracked wheat to buttermilk wheat bread. Some bread mixes have a sweeter flavor, such as cinnamon raisin, apple nut and California raisin. Breads flavored with a variety of fruits and nuts include cranberry nut, butter pecan English muffin bread and pumpkin walnut bread. Swedish vanilla almond gourmet bread is a Swedish egg bread perfect for snacking or breakfast, while Calabria fruited hearth gourmet bread hails from Southern Italy and is packed with fruit.

Other types of bread maker mixes include potato bread, nine-grain and barley bread. French bread, English muffin bread and honey graham granola bread maker mixes are also available. Multi-grain bread, garden harvest vegetable bread and buttermilk white bread can also offered in mixes. Specialty bread mixes, such as gluten-free breads, are also available.


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Post 3

What do you guys think is the best bread maker? I have read lots of bread maker reviews online but I never trust the reviews as much as someone's first hand experience.

Post 2

I have my bread machine going almost very weekend and I love to try new recipes. With a few exceptions I never repeat a load twice.

There are literally thousands and thousands of bread machine recipes and some of these involve altering the bread machine mixes you buy at the store. Some are as simple as adding fruit or nuts to a mix but others call for additional flour, flavoring, liquids. They can be pretty complicated but they are still less complicated than starting from scratch. The results can be really impressive too.

Post 1

There are lots of very impressive bread machine mixes these days. Some of these come in flavors that you wouldn't think a bread machine could handle.

I tried one recently that I really liked. it was for a loaf modeled off of those King Hawaiian rolls they sell in the freezer aisle of the grocery store. They are dinner rolls but with a light sweetness. The mix tasted like that except it was an entire loaf.

I have also tried some great rye and pumpernickel breads that came in mixes. These breads can be a real hassle to make from scratch but with quality facsimiles from a bread machine why bother?

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