What are the Different Types of Boxing Bag Stands?

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Boxing bags are a great way to practice throwing all types of punches and kicks for basic or advanced boxing training and for kickboxing technique, but are usually very heavy and cumbersome. More commonly referred to as punching bags, boxing bags require a very sturdy mounting system to provide optimal performance and to prevent the bag from falling and possibly hurting someone. There are three main types of boxing bag stands: vertical-weighted, wall-mounted, and stand-alone cage.

A boxing bag is a common piece of equipment found in most commercial gyms and many home gyms. In order to fully utilize the equipment, it must be securely mounted. For that reason, a boxing bag stand of some type is generally required. Failure to use a stand or improper installation of the stand could lead to serious injury as well as reduce the effectiveness of the punching bag.

Vertical-weighted boxing bag stands are usually made of high-strength plastic with a large hollow chamber at the bottom of the stand that is filled with water or sand. The heavy water chamber prevents the stand from falling over when hit. A vertical mast is attached to the top of the water chamber that allows a specially-shaped punching bag to slip over. This type of boxing bag stand is great for confined spaces where the bag stand will need to be moved frequently.


Wall-mounted boxing bag stands are a more traditional way to hang a punching bag. Wall mounted stands are bolted to the studs inside a wall and feature a short arm with an S-hook at the end from which the bag is hung. Wall-mounted boxing bag stands are most often used in boxing gyms due to their rugged and long-lasting design.

The most widely used from of boxing bag stands are stand-alone cage types. The stand-alone cage type bag hanger uses a tall mast with an S-hook at the top for hanging the punching bag and forward facing feet at the bottom to prevent the stand from falling over. This type of bag stand is widely used due to its low cost, ability to be moved freely, and sturdy design. While the wall-mount type hanger is great for serious use and abuse, and the vertical-weighted design is great for light use in a confined space, the stand-alone cage type boxing bag stand combines the best features of both of the other designs.


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