What are the Different Types of Birthday Cards?

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A birthday is an occasion when you may receive a card in acknowledgment. There are many types on the market that are suited for every person you can think of. Whether you are looking to give a funny birthday card or send one quickly, there are various options for you to choose from.

The most common birthday cards are the traditional paper birthday cards. Some come already written with greetings in them while others are blank so the sender can write his or her own message. The cards can range from being very simple to incredibly elaborate and the prices can vary depending on the card choice.

Sometimes people just forget to send birthday cards. In this case, you would send the person a belated birthday card. If sending one, in addition to the typical birthday wishes, there should be a personalized note explaining how sorry you are for the delay.

Should you need to send birthday cards quickly, you can opt for sending e-cards. Not only can they reach the intended recipients within minutes, but also they are an environmentally friendly option to sending paper cards. There are many sites devoted to sending e-cards and, while you will have to pay to send some, there are exorbitant amounts that are free.


Another type of birthday card to consider giving is one that is paper, but musical. A sound chip is placed inside the card so when the recipient opens it, the card plays the intended tune. While some birthday cards play the typical “Happy Birthday” song, others can play a variety of songs including those from popular singers.

A similar card to the musical birthday card is one where the sender can record a personalized voice message to the recipient. At the press of a button, the sender records his or her birthday wishes and can have the chance to perfect it before finalizing the message. When the recipient opens the card, instead of getting a handwritten greeting, they can hear the person’s actual voice.

There are many different types of birthday cards to choose from, but it is all a matter of sending one that the recipient will enjoy. It is a great way to acknowledge his or her special day, especially if you cannot be there to help celebrate it in person. Even if you cannot afford a present, a card can actually be a gift in itself.


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Post 4

@w00dchuck41 – Good god, that is so hilarious! I have to buy one of those cards! I have two older sisters that are fast approaching 40 years old -- I know they would get a royal kick out of that. Maybe I'll get one for each of them.

I might have to start a family tradition of giving the same card around -- since you can pick any age on it. I think my family would appreciate that kind of thing. Thank you for sharing that!

There are some hilarious cards out there. I usually take about an hour to shift through them to find a gem. I know that most people forget and have to buy it at the last minute – but you can still try to put a little thought into it. Maybe even a little humor!

Post 3

I was out shopping a few days ago and saw a stand for "Milestone Birthday" cards. They had ones that said "Happy 100th Birthday!" all the way down to "Now you can drink LEGALLY!" -- my favorite one on the stand was a plain one.

The card had a built in rotating wheel so that you can pick any age. It went from 1 to 100! My sister was with me and she laughed, saying "Look, it's reusable!"

I thought that was the funniest thing. I bought it, but I'm not sure who I'm going to give it to. I figured that I'd give it to a older family member so that they can "turn back the years" if they wanted to!

Post 2

@MedicineBall - I love funny birthday cards. I have birthday card that plays the Star Wars theme. It isn't super special or anything, but it reminds me of how much I loved Star Wars when I was in high school.

I think that most birthday cards are too sappy and overly dramatic. I can't stand the ones who are covered in mushy poems and quotes. I prefer something that makes them happy or that reminds them of something. You shouldn't have to show how much you adore someone with what a card says -- you cared enough to get them a card.

Post 1

I get my dad a musical birthday card every year. He really loves cheesy sounds clips. He always grins when he plays the sound clips. I think that the musical birthday cards provide a little more of a feeling to the gift -- you can pick their favorite song or something that always makes them laugh.

The rest of my family started picking up the trend now -- every gets a lot of musical cards. I have two now, one that plays the "Hamster Dance" song and one that plays a store alarm. Every time I listen to them, I think of my family. We all have a wicked sense of humor, so whichever card I get usually has a joke or two to go with it.

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