What Are the Different Types of Bird Decor?

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There are many different types of bird decor. Generally, the decor may follow a theme, such as tropical bird decor or even bird decor reminiscent of a hunting scene. The decor often can be found in artwork, wall ornamentation, accessories, fabric, and furniture. The birds may be barely noticeable in the decor, or they may be the focal point of a particular area.

Many people choose to select a general theme when using bird decor in their rooms. For example, if one chooses to follow a tropical theme in a room, macaws, parrots, toucans, and other brightly colored birds may be appropriate. If the room has a sportsman feel to it, the decor may include mallard ducks, pheasants, and geese. Likewise, country themes might include roosters, chickens, and other farm birds as decor. Finally, some try to keep with a natural, Audubon-type theme, using life-like bluebirds, cardinals, and finches, for instance.

There are various types of bird decor that can be used, depending on the room. For example, a nursery could be decorated with pink, blue, purple, and yellow birds. The birds may be cartoon-like and designed for a child. In the alternative, if the decor is for a master bedroom, it might appear more life-like. The decor could also have an exotic flair, such as an Asian theme using cranes or an ocean theme using pelicans.


Once the theme of the decor is chosen, there are countless ways to bring forth the theme in a room. For example, artwork is a common way for individuals to use bird decor in their homes. The artwork may be in the form of paintings, framed posters, wall decals, statues, and other ornamental pieces. The walls can also be decorated with themed wallpaper, stencils, or murals.

Accessories and furniture offer many different types of bird decor for a home as well. For example, bookends, lamps, and decorative pillows may be used — there are accessories available for nearly every type of bird. In addition, furniture can be upholstered using fabric with birds on it. Curtains and bedding may also be selected to carry out the decor. Wood furniture might even have birds carved into the legs and chair backs.

To use bird decor, every item in a room does not need to have a bird on it. It is possible to remain subtle, yet still retain the bird theme in the decor. For example, a lamp base or a vase may be painted in a bird theme. If the piece is made the focal point of the room, the theme will be evident.


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