What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Table Lamps?

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While there are many different types of bedroom table lamps, most of them can be categorized in a few particular ways. General lighting lamps are those designed for use on a table which provide illumination for a bedroom and the space in the room in general, rather than any specific location. Reading lamps, on the other hand, are intended for use on a bedroom table, such as a nightstand, to provide illumination in a more specific manner, usually for reading. There are also different styles of bedroom table lamps, usually based on different trends or styles of décor in general.

Bedroom table lamps are lamps designed to be placed on a table or similar surface, rather than on the floor, and are usually intended for use in a bedroom. General lighting lamps are those created to illuminate an entire space, like a bedroom, without a particular function behind their design. These are quite common and can be found in a number of different styles, usually including a shade of some kind and a design that accompanies a particular aesthetic. These bedroom table lamps can be used in just about any kind of bedroom and one or more of them are typically used to light a room.


More specialized bedroom table lamps include reading lamps, which are primarily used to provide more pointed illumination. A reading lamp is often placed on a nightstand, or on a table beside a couch or chair in a bedroom, to provide illumination for someone while reading. These lamps often have necks that allow the light itself to be closer to a person who is reading, rather than a bulb within the body of the lamp for general illumination. Some bedroom table lamps even combine both a general lamp and a reading lamp, providing basic illumination along with a second light for more precise lighting.

There are also a number of bedroom table lamps that can be categorized based on the particular style in which they are created. Modern table lamps, for example, are usually designed to fit a modern décor, often with clear or smoked glass, stainless steel, and similar modern touches. Cottage bedroom table lamps are usually designed to match a cottage or “natural” aesthetic, often using wood and animal antlers or other naturalistic design elements. There are also lamps commonly referred to as Tiffany lamps, after the company that made this style famous, which feature metal bodies and numerous pieces of colorful, tinted glass for the shade.


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