What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Desks?

Dan Cavallari

Bedroom desks allow the homeowner to do reading and writing in the bedroom space, and they can add a bit of visual appeal to a larger bedroom. The style, shape, color, and features of bedroom desks can vary significantly according to the intended purpose of the piece of furniture, and while some are designed for functionality and regular office-style use, others are meant for only small projects or decoration. The type of desk will often depend on the size of the bedroom as well as the homeowner's intentions for the furniture, though just about any desk that is used in another part of the house can be considered for use in the bedroom.

Desks for younger children should be appropriately sized.
Desks for younger children should be appropriately sized.

Very often teens and children will need bedroom desks at which they can complete homework or do projects. A popular choice for bedroom desks in such spaces is the cubby desk, which can fit underneath a bunk bed. This desk is sometimes integrated with the structure of the bed itself, though in other cases, the desk may be an independent unit placed underneath the bunk bed. This style maximizes usable space without taking up an inordinate amount of room; most kids' bedrooms are quite small, so this style will work well.

Many people place reading lamps on their desk.
Many people place reading lamps on their desk.

If the homeowner wants to add an interesting look to a master bedroom, small bedroom desks can be used to accent the space. Decorative desks are usually fairly small and will feature one or two drawers, though in such cases, the desk is more ornamental than functional and will have few additional features. Choosing a desk made of high-quality materials will ensure a pleasing aesthetic; hardwoods are a good choice because they often feature prominent grains and pleasing tones, and they are durable units that will last a long time.

A bedroom in an apartment may benefit from bedroom desks that take advantage of unused space. In this case, any desk that can be considered for use in any part of the home can be considered for use in the bedroom. It helps to measure the space carefully beforehand, however, as a desk that is too large can dominate a small bedroom and make it uncomfortable. A desk that is too small may not capitalize appropriately on the available space and may be too small for the user's needs. It is a good idea to try to match the desk to the other furniture in the room, though this is not always possible. If it is not possible, it may be a good idea to at least consider a desk that is complementary to the other furniture.

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