What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Chandeliers?

Mary Ellen Popolo

Chandeliers differ from other ceiling lighting fixtures in that they are suspended from the ceiling rather than mounted directly onto it and flush against the ceiling. Bedroom chandeliers are available in a wide array of sizes including single and multiple tiers as well as mini chandeliers. Styles range from simple, shaded fixtures to elaborate, multi-tiered chandeliers with dangling crystal accents. There are chandeliers available for almost every style of decor including, but not limited to, traditional, modern, and vintage designs as well as specialty fixtures specifically crafted for children's rooms.

A bedroom chandelier may be paired with matching sconces on each side of the bed.
A bedroom chandelier may be paired with matching sconces on each side of the bed.

The chandelier "tier" refers to the number of levels of lighting. A single-tiered chandelier has only one level, or row, of lighting accents, and a fixture with multiple tiers will have two or more levels of light bulbs or candles. The top tier of a multi-tiered fixture is generally narrower than the bottom tier with each level of the fixture becoming wider from top to bottom. Each tier in descending order usually has more light bulbs or candles than the previous tier.

Bedroom chandeliers can use either traditional light bulbs or candles for providing light. "Candles" resemble real candles but are powered by electricity that lights the "flame" part of the "candle," which is actually a small light bulb at the top of each "candle." Light bulbs are used in other styles of chandelier that do not have candle type lights. The bulbs may be covered with individual decorative globes or shades, and in some instances, the entire fixture is covered with a shade rather than each bulb being covered separately. When the bulbs of the chandelier are facing toward the ceiling, as candle bulbs do, the lighting is referred to as "up lighting" while bulbs that face down toward the floor are called "down lighting."

The design elements of bedroom chandeliers vary widely from one fixture to the next. A simple chandelier may have only a few bulbs with plain glass covers while a traditional chandelier may have several levels of candles, intricate decorative scroll work, and faceted, hanging crystals that shimmer and reflect light from the candles. Many types of bedroom chandeliers fall in the middle of the spectrum, being a bit more elegant and fancy than a simple chandelier but not as elaborate as a chandelier one might find in a formal dining room. The most common finishes for the body and chain of chandeliers are silver, brass, and black, depending on the design style of the fixture. Bedroom chandeliers for children's rooms are usually more whimsical and trendy and can be found in fun colors such as pink, purple, blue, and green.

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