What are the Different Types of Bathroom Faucets and Fixtures?

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Bathroom remodels are quite common, often because of both necessity and desire. The availability and variety of bathroom faucets and fixtures often increases the desire to update a bathroom for purely cosmetic reasons and makes a necessary remodel more appealing. There are literally hundreds of styles of bathroom faucets and fixtures available from contemporary to traditional.

Bathroom faucets can be identified by their outward appearance, which can include single-handle, two-handle, waterfall, and mechanical style. Most bathroom faucets will fall into one of four “types” of faucets, referring to their interior mechanisms. Ball faucets, disc faucets, cartridge faucets, and compression faucets are the four basic types. These categorizations often indicate the outward style of the faucet as well. For example, a compression faucet is one of the older styles of faucets and is always a two-handled variety, while a cartridge style faucet is more modern and can be single or two-handled.

While compatibility with existing plumbing can be a consideration, the bigger consideration when shopping for bathroom faucets and fixtures is appearance. There are a variety of styles of faucets and fixtures with a range of finishes. No longer is chrome the only option for a sink or shower faucet. More modern, decorative materials like nickel, bronze, and even platinum are available in a variety of finishes from matte or brushed to polished. Further, modern styles like waterfall faucets, vessel sink faucets, and bidet faucets are yours for the choosing.


Whether the goal is a minimalist, streamlined modern bathroom or to replicate a historic, old-fashioned loo, there are all types of bathroom faucets and fixtures to help homeowners achieve their remodeling goal. Fixtures like vessel or corner sinks, granite or stainless steel vanity tops and a wide variety of modern bathroom marvels are all available. The wide selection of styles, finishes, colors, and materials available may seem overwhelming, but can aid the homeowner in reflecting their own personal style.

To make things easier on the home improvement consumer, manufacturers typically make various bathroom faucets and fixtures available as part of a collection. This means that the faucets and fixtures, like towel bars and lighting, are all available as part of a single collection and have the same finishes and overall style to coordinate a finished look. Similarly, vanities, sinks and tops may also be available in coordinating or complementary collections.

Homeowners in the midst of planning a bathroom remodel may have limited themselves to traditional bathroom faucets and fixtures in the past, but modern styles, especially vessel sinks and granite sinks, may call for more than traditional styles. It would benefit any homeowner to browse a variety of collections and styles from different manufacturers to see the vast selections that are available. Even budget-minded homeowners may find that many of the more dramatic and luxurious items are actually considered mid-range, affordable products. With such a wide variety of bathroom faucets and fixtures available in an equally wide variety of price ranges makes the job of remodeling a bathroom even more exciting.


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