What are the Different Types of Bathrobes?

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While thick, soft bathrobes feel great when hopping out of the tub or the shower, bathrobes are not necessarily just for bathing. They also come in handy as cover-ups after swimming, or while completing daily routines before getting dressed. Slipping into a bathrobe while brushing your teeth or doing your hair and make up is a good way to avoid mussing clothing while getting ready.

Have you ever wrapped a towel around yourself and tucked the edges in to hold the towel up? This practice led to a similar design in bathrobes. These towel style bathrobes come with snaps or Velcro closures.

Women's towel style bathrobes are larger, covering from the under arms to just above the knees. The men's style covers from the waist to just above the knees. The closures make them stay in place much better than towels, and they are usually made from higher end fabrics than regular bath towels. This style works especially well as a cover up.


Bathrobes may be thick and luxurious, made of soft, absorbent terrycloth, or they may be thin and silky. There is a vast array of choices, styles, fabrics and lengths. Perhaps you prefer a neck to toe design in warm velour, or maybe you favor a satiny knee length robe that drapes loosely over your body. On the other hand, one style is perfect for colder months while another is just right for warmer weather. There are so many styles to choose from that you can find bathrobes for every season and climate.

Double-breasted styles with sashes that tie in front may be the most popular bathrobes, but plenty of other designs are available, including hooded robes, pullovers, and those that button down, zip, or have hook and eye closures. Robes may or may not have pockets, and some have strings on either side of the interior to help keep the robe closed more securely.

Bathrobes come in many sizes, including child size versions. These may include fanciful designs, whimsical characters, and bright colors or patterns. Children's bathrobes may coordinate with pajamas, nightgowns or slippers, or they may complement the theme of your child's room. Alternatively, you may choose plain designs that simply come in your child's favorite color.

Bathrobes make great gifts for loved ones because they are so personal. They create comfort and are often considered a luxury item. What could make a better gift?


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Post 4

@serenesurface-- As far as I know, some of the best cotton in the world is produced in Turkey. And high quality cotton is desirable in bathrobes because it makes the bathrobe very soft, thick and absorbent. That's why bathrobes made with Turkish cotton or made in Turkey are popular. Many towels and bath wraps are made in Turkey as well.

If you're shopping for a bathrobe, it doesn't really matter where it's made. Just make sure that it's made of 100% cotton because that's the best type of bathrobe.

Post 3

I've noticed that a lot of bathrobes are made in Turkey. How come? What's so special about Turkish bathrobes?

Post 2

The article is right. Bathrobes are very multi-purpose! I use my bathrobe more as an outer garment than a bath towel. I usually put it on in the morning when I wake up and go down to the kitchen to make coffee and prepare breakfast. I'm too lazy to get dressed that early. It also keeps me very warm during cold winter mornings.

Bathrobes are also great when someone knocks on the door at unexpected hours, like my neighbor enjoys doing when her cat is missing almost every other day. I might have my nightie on at that time, so I put on the bathrobe and check the door!

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