What are the Different Types of Bath Faucets?

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Choosing the right bath faucet can be a difficult process. Often, there are so many types of faucets on the market that making a final decision can seem impossible. In order to determine which bath faucet is right, it is important to have a basic knowledge about the different types of bath faucets available. Typically, the most common types of bath faucets include freestanding faucets — which are best for antique claw foot tubs — deck-mounted faucets, and wall-mounted faucets. These faucets can typically be found in a variety of finishes and colors, including pewter, nickel, and satin finishes. Solid copper bath faucets are another popular choices due to the fact that they are practically indestructible.

One of the most common types of bath faucets is freestanding faucets. This type of faucet is typically most associated with the antique claw foot tub, and is often specially tailored to fit the design of the tub. These faucets are mounted to the floor, and feature tall hot and cold water pipes that stand high above the front edge of the bathroom tub. Along with these pipes are two handles for hot and cold water and a shower that typically features a long handle of its own. In order to maintain the antique look associated with the claw foot tub, the handles on the bath faucets typically are of the cross type.


Another common type of bath faucet are deck-mounted faucets. These typically are installed on the top of the tub edge, and feature both one- and two-handle styles. These bath faucets come in a wide variety of different types of styles and finishes to suite individual tastes.

Wall-mounted faucets are another one of the most popular types of bath faucets, and are often chosen specifically for bathtubs that also feature showers. As their name suggests, these types of faucets are affixed to the wall of the bathroom directly above the tub. Like the deck-mounted faucets, these faucets can feature either one or two handles, and come in a variety of different colors and finishes.

While it is important to choose the right kind of bath faucet, it is also essential to choose a faucet that has the proper finish. Typically, bath faucets come in a variety of finishes, including pewter, nickel, and satin. In addition, solid copper finishes are popular choices for bath faucets and other types of bathroom hardware. As opposed to pewter, nickel, and satin finishes, which typically are silver-plated and thus will oxidize and peel off with time, solid copper bath faucets will maintain their original appearance practically forever. To get the right aesthetic effect, all of the fixtures in the bathroom should usually be made of a similar material.


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